In March this year, apple finally launched a new generation of airpods. Judging from its overall upgrade, it did not meet everyone’s satisfaction. I don’t know if I hear from you. According to the latest news of the industry chain, apple is preparing for the third generation of airpods, which may be launched in the fourth quarter of this year as soon as possible.

Two new airpods are expected to be launched in the fourth quarter, with noise reduction function added

According to the industry chain, the most popular product of apple at present is airpods, which also brings objective profits to apple. Now apple is also ready to improve their functions, such as adding the noise reduction function that everyone is eager for, which is bound to make its sales soar again.

According to the news, 2 new AirPods are expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year, one of which will use a new design and the other will be consistent with the current design. In addition, the internal design of the two new airpods will also be changed. SIP design is adopted to improve the assembly yield, save internal space and reduce costs.

After adding noise reduction function, the power consumption of airpods will be a test. With the addition of new functions, the price of airpods is likely to exceed 2000 yuan. The industrial chain also said that at present, the sales volume of airpods is very good. Last year, the shipment volume exceeded 35 million, which is expected to exceed 50 million this year, and up to 85 million in 2020.

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