1) Empirical programming

Experience method is to use their own or other people’s experience to design. Most of them choose the procedures similar to their own process requirements before design, and regard these procedures as their own “test procedures”. These “test procedures” are modified one by one in combination with their own engineering conditions to make them suitable for their own engineering requirements. Some of the experience mentioned here comes from their own experience summary, and some may be the design experience of others, so they need to accumulate over time and be good at summarizing.

2) Computer aided design programming

Computer aided design is to carry out program design, off-line or on-line programming, off-line simulation and on-line debugging on the computer through PLC programming software. The use of programming software can be very convenient for offline or online programming and online debugging on the computer. The use of programming software can be very convenient for program access, encryption and the formation of exe running files on the computer.

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