Now life will always use a variety of devices, which also provides more convenience for people’s life, LCD and LED are now more commonly used LCD, but many people are not very familiar with the two, which also causes it difficult to distinguish the two, so what are the main differences between LCD and led? Now let’s take a look.

The first difference between LCD and led: different display and power consumption

There are many differences between LCD and led, and there are obvious differences in display technology and effect between them. LCD is composed of liquid crystal with backlight layer. Through refraction imaging, the display effect is natural and not easy to fatigue, while LED is composed of diode, which can emit light naturally, and the display effect is more bright and full. The thickness of LCD is usually thicker than that of LED, And in the power consumption, LCD is also relatively larger, LED is often used in mobile phone display, so as to reduce the power consumption, and also more convenient for installation and use.

The second difference between LCD and led: different service life

The difference between LCD and led lies in their service life. The materials used by them are very different, which makes the service life of them obviously different. The inorganic materials used by LCD and the organic materials used by LED make the service life of LCD longer, Of course, the full on and full off backlight layer of LCD increases the power consumption of LCD and increases the loss of LCD. The LED adopts the principle of diode light-emitting, so that every pixel can become a light-emitting body. Therefore, the loss of LED is greatly reduced and its service life is also improved.

To sum up, there are great differences between LCD and led in material, composition, service life and so on. In addition, due to the different materials used, there are also great differences in the cost of the two. The cost of LED is higher, but led is also more power-saving, and LED is also more superior in refresh rate and visual angle, This also makes the application of LED in life more and more.

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