On November 7, Tianyi intelligent ecological Expo 2020 was grandly opened in Guangzhou. This is the 12th consecutive year that China Telecom and Qualcomm have jointly held this industry event. Now Tianyi has become the industry vane leading the global intelligent industry. The theme of this Expo is “smart sharing on the cloud”. It aims to further promote the new foundation of 5g cloud network integration, gather the strength of ecological partners, enable industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the prosperity of digital economy. Li Zhengmao, general manager of China Telecom, and Steve molenkov, CEO of Qualcomm, delivered keynote speeches at Tianyi intelligent ecological industry summit forum.

5g commercial year, deployment speed is far faster than expected

5g commercial into the second year, 5g has become the fastest deployment of a generation of wireless communication technology. Since the first 5g commercial network was launched 18 months ago, more than 95 operators have launched 5g commercial network services in more than 40 countries and regions. In contrast, in the first 18 months of LTE commercial deployment, less than 15 operators in 13 countries and regions launched 4G commercial networks. According to relevant forecasts, the global 5g smartphone shipment will reach 750 million in 2022. In 2023, the number of 5g connections in the world is expected to exceed 1 billion, two years faster than that of 4G. By 2025, the number of global 5g connections is expected to be close to 3 billion, and 5g traffic will account for 45% of global mobile network data traffic.

In this regard, Steve molenkov, CEO of Qualcomm, shared his views in the keynote speech of the forum through video: “the amazing achievements of global 5g deployment not only reflect the importance of 5g technology, but also highlight the hard work of the whole industry ecosystem. It is impressive that 5g, as an important part of the Chinese government’s vigorous development of “new infrastructure”, is developing rapidly in China. Today, Qualcomm is working closely with industry partners such as China Telecom to promote the expansion of 5g. China Telecom is a leading enterprise in 5g independent networking technology innovation and commercial deployment, and has strong cloud network integration capability. “

Twelve years of youth, skywingspan leads 5g digital ecology

(above: Steve morenkov, CEO of Qualcomm, delivers a keynote speech)

Since the three major Chinese operators jointly announced the launch of 5g commercial services on October 31 last year, China has handed over a very dazzling 5g report card in just one year. On the network side, China’s 5g network construction speed and scale ranked first in the world, with a total of 690000 5g base stations built by the end of September. On the terminal side, the proportion of 5g mobile phones in the domestic mobile phone market is rising. In recent months, the proportion of 5g mobile phones in the overall mobile phone shipment is more than 60%. What’s more exciting for the industry is that Chinese mobile phone brands have entered the first camp of 5g commercial terminals in other regions of the world, leading the world in the field of 5g intelligent terminals. With the support of the truly global oriented Qualcomm snapdragon 5g solution, the commercial 5g terminals in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia all have products from Chinese manufacturers.

In the process of promoting the popularity of 5g, with multi generation snapdragon 5g modem and RF system and multi-layer snapdragon 5g mobile platform, Qualcomm helps Chinese partners to bring consumers more choices of 5g terminals. Among them, snapdragon 865 has become the preferred mobile platform to enable 5g flagship terminals in 2020 with its outstanding performance in 5g, AI, photography, video, audio and security. In order to accelerate the realization of the vision of “5g for all”, Qualcomm has fully realized the support for 5g technology across snapdragon’s 8-series, 7-series, 6-series and 4-series mobile platforms, so that the fast 5g connection can benefit more consumers.

5g + AI drives Intelligent Cloud connectivity and opens new opportunities for the industry

“We are entering a new era of Intelligent Cloud connectivity driven by AI and 5g,” CEO Steve molenkov said in his speech Now, intelligence is gradually migrating from the cloud to the terminal side; In the future, massive data from billions of edge terminals will need to create a new edge cloud. China Telecom also pointed out that the fourth industrial revolution initiated by digital economy will highlight communication, new technology and computing power. Network and cloud are inseparable, and cloud network integration will lead to profound changes in information infrastructure.

Edge cloud combined with terminal AI will enable a wide range of new use cases. Taking XR as an example, 5g can support the unbounded XR pioneered by Qualcomm to become a reality, allowing part of the load of the XR equipment to be processed on the terminal side, and relying on the edge computers in the local network to handle more severe computing tasks, which will play an active role in the fields of distance education and industrial manufacturing. In order to deepen the integration of XR application and industry in the 5g era, Qualcomm, together with China Telecom and other domestic partners, has held the XR innovation and application challenge for two consecutive years to jointly build an active XR ecosystem. At the Expo, Yingchuang technology, nreal, Pico and 3glasses displayed a variety of terminals equipped with snapdragon XR platform at the exhibition stand of Qualcomm, bringing a cool experience that people can’t forget to return.

In the field of intelligent transportation, the interweaved evolution of 5g, AI, cloud and other technologies will further promote the development of the automobile industry towards electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing. Through promoting the development of AI technology and the improvement of computing power, Qualcomm has been committed to helping automobile manufacturers improve the situational awareness, security, natural interaction and Ultra HD entertainment capabilities of vehicles, and changing the driving experience. Qualcomm snapdragon 820a platform can provide rich graphics and multimedia functions, plus a wide range of visualization and operating system options and neural processing engine, to help automobile manufacturers create differentiated characteristics and excellent intelligent cockpit experience. Xiaopeng P7, equipped with snapdragon 820a, has become a beautiful landscape on the exhibition stand of Qualcomm, attracting a large number of visitors to experience the charm of more intelligent and personalized travel experience in the car. In addition, a number of new models launched in 2020 are equipped with the snapdragon 820a platform, including the new link 05, Audi A4L and some 2020 Xiaopeng G3 models.

In order to help more industries seize the unlimited opportunities created by 5g + AI Intelligent Cloud connection, Qualcomm is working with partners to continuously expand the types and coverage of 5g terminals. At present, more than 700 terminals equipped with snapdragon 5g solution have been released or under design, covering many terminal types such as smart phones, CPE, XR, PC, robot, etc. For example, Lenovo’s yoga5g, Microsoft’s surfaceprox and Samsung’s books in this exhibition can bring the experience of “always online, always connected”; Based on the RB5 platform of Qualcomm robot, the humanoid table tennis robot created a new “man-machine confrontation” experience, which has been applied to the training of the national team and Shanghai Institute of physical education.

Innovation first, join hands with ecology to expand 5g future

As a unified connection platform for future innovation, 5g provides a rich technology roadmap, which will gradually unlock more new features to enable a wide range of new applications and services. 5g is very important for building a more flexible society. It will become the aorta of social information flow, the accelerator of industrial transformation and upgrading, and the new cornerstone of digital society construction.

Qualcomm is working with the growing 5g ecosystem to expand 5g to new use cases, spectrum bands and vertical industries by continuously promoting 5g evolution, so as to fully release 5g potential. At the Expo, China Telecom announced that the world’s largest 5g network SA network it has built will be used for global business, taking the lead in opening a new era of digitalization that enables hundreds of lines and thousands of industries. Li Zhengmao, general manager of China Telecom, Hou Yang, global senior vice president of Qualcomm, and representatives of industry partners jointly participated in the launching ceremony of 5gsa commercial scale and 5g customized private network of China Telecom. At this year’s Expo, Qualcomm also presented to the industry the latest achievements in 5g millimeter wave, 5g carrier aggregation, 5g unbounded XR, 5g millimeter wave small base station, 5g industrial Internet of things and other cutting-edge technology fields.

It is worth mentioning that in June this year, three Chinese 5g + AI ecosystem enterprises, namely, black tea mobile, a service provider of device connectivity solution, Tengshi technology, a provider of vehicle safety driving assistance system, and dalongyun, a cloud game company, announced new investment by Qualcomm venture capital, also showed their products and technologies on the exhibition stand. The realization of 5g intelligent Internet in the future must rely on the power of ecology, and Qualcomm also adheres to this belief, accompanying the steady growth of 5g + AI ecosystem start-ups through venture capital, helping them to take root in vertical industries and create real value. To this end, in 2018 and 2019, Qualcomm venture capital successively established a $100 million AI venture capital fund and a $200 million 5g ecosystem venture capital fund to continuously promote the cultivation and expansion of the ecosystem.

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