Against the backdrop of accelerated 5G applications and new infrastructure, the new display industry is ushering in opportunities for vigorous development. Tunghsu Optoelectronics (000413.SZ), as a pioneer in the localization of display materials, while actively resolving the debt crisis, continues to focus on its main business, increase investment in scientific research, lead technological innovation, and make efforts to localize new displays, becoming a key player in safeguarding the safety of China’s display industry. an indispensable force.

Industrial chain effect helps local investment attraction

Xuhong Optoelectronics, a subsidiary of Tunghsu Optoelectronics, is a “veteran” in the display industry. Through continuous transformation and upgrading and scientific research and innovation, Xuhong Optoelectronics has broken the international technology monopoly in the field of high-alumina cover glass and become a leading enterprise in the field of new display segments in one fell swoop, regardless of scientific research and innovation strength or production process level. reached the global leading level.

Recently, a reporter from “Sichuan Daily” walked into the automatic production workshop of Xuhong Optoelectronics, a subsidiary of Tunghsu Optoelectronics, and witnessed the production process of one of Tunghsu Optoelectronics’ star products, shatter-resistant glass. This is a new product of Tunghsu Optoelectronics’ forward-looking layout around the trend of 5G technology. It is understood that shatter-resistant glass is a kind of high-end cover glass. Compared with ordinary cover glass on the market, the height of shatter-resistant glass is more than 5 times higher. Previously, the production of this type of glass was monopolized by foreign manufacturers. Tunghsu Optoelectronics broke through this technical blockade through independent innovation and realized the localization of this type of display material.

The relevant person in charge of Xuhong Optoelectronics pointed out in an interview: “Xuhong’s success has strongly promoted the localization of high-end touch protection glass, ending the passive situation where the display industry was stuck in the high-end touch protection glass, and for the industry. Reduce costs by about 30%.”

According to a local related person in Mianyang, because Xuhong Optoelectronics has formed a good support for the upstream and downstream of the new display industry, it has produced a good effect of “supplementing the chain” and “strengthening the chain”, attracting many new display industry enterprises to invest here. The development of new display industry clusters has played a good role in promoting.

Flexible display is an important direction for the development of new displays. The relevant person in charge of Tunghsu Optoelectronics told reporters that Tunghsu Optoelectronics began to make industrial and technical layout around flexible display three or four years ago, and has rich technical reserves. At present, the company has achieved phased results in the research and development of UTG ultra-thin flexible cover glass, and has sent samples to internationally renowned mobile phone manufacturers, and the relevant indicators have reached the international leading level.

In addition, Tunghsu Optoelectronics has made staged progress in the research and development and mass production of OLED materials, and it is expected to achieve mass production of flexible OLED carrier glass and put it on the market this year. In addition, Tunghsu Optoelectronics has also reached cooperation with internationally renowned manufacturers in the field of flexible vehicle displays.

Recently, the high-end cover glass laboratory of Xuhong Optoelectronics, a subsidiary of Tunghsu Optoelectronics, was approved by the municipal engineering laboratory of Mianyang City, which is another footnote to the scientific research strength of Tunghsu Optoelectronics. It is understood that the laboratory mainly researches and develops high-alumina cover glass products, breaks the international technology monopoly many times, and fills the domestic gap, marking that my country has fully broken through the international technology blockade of high-alumina cover glass manufacturing.

Continuous innovation to protect the safety of localization of display materials

Statistics show that Tunghsu Optoelectronics has been deeply involved in the optoelectronic display material industry. It is the first in China and the fourth in the world for liquid crystal glass substrate manufacturers, as well as the first in China and the top three in the world for cover glass manufacturers. Its LCD glass substrate project and cover project won the first and second prizes of the 2018 National Science and Technology Progress Award.

However, while the technically forward-looking layout opened up the market, the development of Tunghsu Optoelectronics is also struggling. Since the thunderstorm in November 2019, various parties have questioned investors.

On the evening of May 22, Tunghsu Optoelectronics announced that the company decided to set up Tunghsu Optoelectronics R&D Center in Beijing to carry out technology research and development, integrate and focus on the main business of optoelectronic display, and increase the flexible display technology, equipment and equipment related to the main business of optoelectronic display. The research and development of graphene application will consolidate the leading position of optoelectronic display. At the same time, it will also dispose of non-core assets Wuhu Dongxu Weiyu Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd.

For a while, this move also allowed investors to see the real action of returning to the main business after the crazy expansion.

It is understood that Tunghsu Optoelectronics is determined to return to its main business. According to media reports, after the Spring Festival this year, part of the content of the company’s “Second Entrepreneurship” mobilization meeting was leaked from Tunghsu Optoelectronics. One of the core contents is to emphasize the need to shift from the previous business expansion to the shrinking front and focus on the main business.

Industry insiders believe that Tunghsu Optoelectronics, as a leading company in display materials, has been immersed in this high-tech and high-capital barrier industry for many years. Its many products have broken the international technology monopoly, and it is a rare national enterprise with hard technology. Tunghsu Optoelectronics rethinks its corporate positioning in the crisis and returns to its core business, which is a good thing for the company. But at the same time, we should also pay attention to the development trend of new displays, which requires Tunghsu Optoelectronics to seriously consider the need to increase investment in scientific research. Judging from Tunghsu Optoelectronics’ current actions, the establishment of the R&D center may become a fulcrum for the revival of Tunghsu Optoelectronics.

As a veteran in the display material industry, Tunghsu Optoelectronics has a very clear understanding of the importance of scientific research. The relevant person in charge of the company said: “In order to realize the transformation of the industrial structure, it is imminent to increase investment in R&D. Only by continuously increasing investment in science and technology, further increasing the proportion of funds used for R&D activities, and striving to increase the intensity of R&D every year, can this be achieved. Forward-looking basic research, major breakthroughs in leading original achievements, and thus an invincible position in the world’s display industry.”

Some analysts believe that the liquidity crisis encountered by Tunghsu Optoelectronics is not an isolated case. Since the implementation of the deleveraging policy, the capital market has experienced frequent debt crises. Among them are some well-known state-owned enterprises, not to mention private enterprises with the characteristics of heavy asset industries. However, it is too narrow to look at this issue only from the perspective of the capital market. The industry attributes of Tunghsu Optoelectronics and the industrial role it plays determine that this enterprise has great strategic significance for the security of my country’s display industry chain. In the context of Sino-US trade disputes, such enterprises with localization capabilities in key technical fields are particularly precious. It would be a pity to be tied down by the liquidity crisis and even face a life-and-death decision.

“Let such a national enterprise not be defeated in a fight with competitors, but in a short-term liquidity crunch. I think this is not the result we want to see at present. Why not give him a time window to let the bullet Fly a little longer?” he said finally.

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