On February 26, according to foreign media reports, Scania, a European Truck manufacturer, obtained permission from the Swedish transport authority to launch a truck in S ö dert ä Lje) and Yan Xueping (J ö nk ö The test will be conducted in collaboration with tusimple, a self driving freight start-up.

Now, the media also reported that in the future, Tucson will further deepen its cooperation with Scania to test the self driving truck on E4 highway.

During the test, the vehicle is automatically controlled by Tucson’s future driverless system. During this period, a safety officer and a test engineer will monitor the system with the vehicle.

Tucson future, founded in 2015, is an artificial intelligence enterprise dedicated to the R & D and application of automatic driving technology. The company provides low-cost, commercially available automated driving solutions based on computer vision, and is committed to creating L4 level (SAE) automated driving trucks in high-speed scenarios. In June 2017, the company was allowed to launch the automatic driving vehicle survey in California.

Last July, the company launched the world’s first autonomous freight network (AFN) in the United States in collaboration with UPS, pensketruck leasing, U.S. express and McLane.

At present, the company has carried out self driving transportation service on seven different routes between Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso and Dallas.

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