TSI aviation seats, jointly founded by Turkish Airlines, Turkish technology and assan hanil (a joint venture between kibar holdings and Korean auto parts supplier hanil seoyon e-hwa), has been officially listed by Airbus in its aircraft seat purchase catalogue for airline customers. The company is also the first and only aircraft seat manufacturer in Turkey.

Since 2015, TSI aviation seat company has maintained a fruitful cooperative relationship with Airbus. The agreement signed this time officially gives TSI aviation seat company the right to enter the equipment (BFE) catalogue provided by Airbus buyer.

According to the BFE catalogue agreement, the skysofa and epianka economy class seats of TSI aviation seat company will be listed in the seat purchase catalogue of Airbus A350XWB, A330 and A320 models. The ELESA s seat will be listed as a future option in the catalog. The first business class product of TSI aviation seat company, royalux, will be listed in the catalog after certification.

M İ lker Ayc ı express: “In order to provide logistics support for the aviation industry, we played a more active role together with our partner assan hanil, and launched major initiatives in 2011 to achieve innovation in the history of Turkey’s civil aviation industry. TSI aviation seats aims to design, produce, modify and sell aviation seats and their parts. Now the company has been officially listed in the Airbus BFE catalog. We are glad to see that this perfect cooperation has yielded fruitful results. As Turkey As its first and only aircraft seat manufacturer, TSI aims to become one of the top five aviation seat brands in the world by 2023. I think this selection is an important milestone in the process of achieving our own goals. I also believe that the agreement we have reached with Airbus will create a precedent for our new cooperation in the civil aviation industry. Turkish local enterprises are proud of their achievements. I hope our cooperative relationship will be strengthened with the development of the enterprise. I would like to thank everyone and all partners who have contributed to this. “

Halukkayaba, CEO of kibar Holdings şı Expressed at the signing ceremony; “Airbus has signed a BFE directory agreement with TSI aviation seats, a joint venture jointly established by Turkish Airlines, Turkish technology company and kibar holdings. According to the agreement, TSI aviation seats will become the first similar enterprise to enter the BFE directory. The directory is expected to improve TSI’s visibility and access ability in the aviation industry, because it not only provides exposure opportunities for suppliers, but also gives them the reputation of Airbus licensed enterprises. Considering the share of Airbus catalogue projects in total aircraft orders, as well as the expected increment of modification projects and other TSI projects, we strive to achieve exports of more than 100million US dollars in 2023. “

As early as september2015, the first skysofa economy class seats developed by TSI for wide body aircraft were delivered to Airbus. Last year, the epianka seat was put into use after obtaining the licenses of Airbus a321neo and Boeing b737max narrow body aircraft. It was assembled in Boeing B787 Dreamliner in July 2019 and delivered to Airbus A350 wide body aircraft in the third quarter.

As a joint venture jointly established by Turkish Airlines, Turkish technology company and assan hanil, TSI aviation seats has reduced its dependence on the outside by supporting local suppliers. TSI aviation seating company has carried out design, engineering, manufacturing and R & D activities in Istanbul Sabiha geckchen International Airport and Utah, with nearly 150 team members.

TSI aviation seat company produces high-quality, lightweight, innovative and highly price competitive products, and attaches great importance to the weight problem that directly affects the fuel consumption of aircraft. By 2023, the Turkish domestic supplier plans to expand its share in the civil aviation market and become one of the top five aircraft seat manufacturers in the world. After successfully entering the Airbus BFE directory with this vision, TSI aviation seats will continue to make investment in brand development.

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