Trina Solar Co., Ltd. was selected as the pilot demonstration enterprise of intelligent photovoltaic by the Ministry of industry and information technology and other six departments. It is the only enterprise selected in Jiangsu Province, demonstrating the company’s leading role in the field of intelligent photovoltaic.

Trina Solar is the world’s leading provider of photovoltaic smart energy solutions. After more than 20 years of development, Trina Solar has become increasingly mature in R & D strength, manufacturing process and management mode, and has accumulated rich experience in production informatization. Real and comprehensive data support is the solid foundation of Trina Solar’s intelligent photovoltaic, “intelligent” is also one of the important strategies of Trina Solar. In recent years, Trina Solar is a participant, promoter and leader of intelligent photovoltaic, which is guided by improving customer value, starting from customer experience, operation and management, new business model, and carrying out in-depth intelligent transformation in R & D, manufacturing, sales, operation and maintenance, service and other aspects.

Trina Solar is selected as a pilot demonstration enterprise of intelligent photovoltaic, which will continue to consolidate and enhance the brand leading position of intelligent photovoltaic module business in the global market

As one of the earliest photovoltaic enterprises to develop and promote intelligent modules, Trina Solar has been innovating in the field of intelligent module products. In March this year, the company launched the 500W + ultra-high power supreme series components, which can not only reduce the resistance loss, significantly improve the anti crack and anti hot spot performance of the components, but also have the characteristics of high efficiency, high power and high power generation. As soon as the supreme series of modules came out, they were highly recognized by customers and quickly entered the markets of South Asia and the Middle East, boosting the application and popularization of local photovoltaic clean energy.

For large-scale power stations, Trina Solar’s intelligent photovoltaic solution “Trina intelligent optimal distribution” is also favored by the market. Not long ago, Trina Solar became one of the world’s first designated suppliers of solutions for UHV photovoltaic projects. It will provide Trina Solar intelligent superior distribution intelligent photovoltaic solutions and 600MW p-type and n-type high-efficiency intelligent photovoltaic modules for Qinghai Henan ± 800kV HVDC project to ensure the efficient and stable operation of this major project.

Trina Aurora, Trina Solar’s smart IOT cloud platform, relies on IOT sensing technology and Internet big data technology, makes use of self-developed PAAS platform and abundant SaaS applications for modular and flexible combination, and provides energy Internet and industrial and commercial IOT solutions for customers in different fields. Trina Solar’s “generation, storage, distribution and use of cloud” energy IOT integration solution, based on the energy IOT platform, creates Mota comprehensive energy management, power transformation and distribution station monitoring, photovoltaic cloud, power sales cloud and other applications, builds smart energy IOT system with a unique concept, comprehensively connects energy generation, energy storage, distribution network and energy end, and integrates energy flow, information flow and value flow Interconnection, to achieve the “Trinity” of the new system of energy Internet of things.

After years of layout, Trina Solar has basically realized the systematization and digitization of manufacturing management and supply chain management, and will realize the upgrading of manufacturing digitization and intellectualization through Internet of things, edge computing, cloud computing and CPS (information physical system) architecture technology, combined with big data analysis and driven by data. In the future, the company will continue to consolidate and enhance the brand leading position of intelligent photovoltaic module business in the global market, increase the development of photovoltaic system business, actively explore and innovate in intelligent energy business, continue to comprehensively promote intelligent construction, strengthen the deep integration of Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and new energy production, storage, distribution and consumption, and lead the development of new energy We are committed to leading the global energy revolution with low-cost and high-value photovoltaic smart energy solutions.

Intelligent photovoltaic pilot demonstration projects and pilot demonstration enterprises are established by the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the general office of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the general office of the Ministry of transport, the general office of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, the comprehensive Department of the state energy administration, and the comprehensive Department of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council in accordance with the action plan for the development of intelligent photovoltaic industry (2018-2020) (MIIT [2018] No. 68) Relevant work plans are collected, recommended by relevant provincial departments, reviewed by experts, and published by the electronic information department of MIIT, aiming to promote the high-quality development of photovoltaic industry and encourage the technological progress and expansion of application of intelligent photovoltaic industry.

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