Triamic’s tmc6300 is an efficient low voltage driver for BLDC and PMSM motors with peak currents up to 2A. The standby current of the driver is zero, which is very suitable for battery powered equipment.

Hamburg, April 20, 2020 – Trinamic Motion Control Co., Ltd. announced the launch of the latest battery driven solution motor driver IC. Miniature three-phase motor driver IC with integrated success rate MOSFET and charge pump is very suitable for BLDC and PMSM motors. They can provide voltages up to 2A peak and 2V (1.8V)… 11V DC with only one lithium-ion battery or two AA batteries.

Triamic introduces the latest battery driven solution motor driver IC - tmc6300

It has high power density and efficiency, standby power consumption is less than 50na (typical value), and RDSON is low, which can prolong the battery life. The driver chip is packaged in a slim qfn20 (3×3 mm), covering a wide range of applications, including Internet of things and handheld devices, battery powered BLDC and three-phase PMSM motors, wireless POS devices and printers, toys and mobile medical devices.

“The improvement of battery quality and the increasing miniaturization of technology are good aspects. However, it will not help if you are still forced to use relatively large motors due to low technical efficiency, or use outdated drives in your next application.” Michael Randt, founder and CEO of tridynamic, said, “with this new chip tmc6300, engineers can quickly develop handheld devices using BLDC drivers or three-phase PMSM drivers with minimum overall dimensions and the latest feature set.”

Triamic introduces the latest battery driven solution motor driver IC - tmc6300

Tmc6300 allows direct bridge control of sinusoidal commutation of three-phase motor, and uses 6-wire control from CPU to drive BLDC motor with closed-loop or sinusoidal commutation. The single pin shunt provides current feedback and comprehensive protection, and the diagnostic function supports stable and reliable operation. Combined with state-of-the-art RDSON and ultra-low standby current, the tmc6300 ensures optimal efficiency even at low supply voltage.

Tmc6300 will be launched through triamic’s distribution channel at the end of April and has been fully integrated into triamic’s extensive development system. In addition to the chip, a breakout board and evaluation board will be provided to facilitate the testing and evaluation of efficient three-phase driver IC for battery powered applications.

Features and advantages:

  • Three phase BLDC and PMSM motors up to 2A (peak)
  • Voltage range 2 (1.8)… 11V DC
  • Use 1 or 2 lithium ion batteries or at least 2 AA batteries for battery operation
  • Direct bridge control for BLDC or PMSM sinusoidal commutation
  • Standby current consumption is less than 50na (typical value)
  • Low RDSON for ls170m Ω and hs170m Ω (typ.)
  • Micro qfn20 package (3×3 mm)

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