October 21, 2020 – mouser electronics, a distributor of electronic components that focuses on introducing new products and providing massive inventory, will start selling Nordic semiconductor’s nrf52820 multi protocol system on chip (SOC). This SOC supports a full set of Bluetooth 5.2 functions and other popular communication protocols. It is an ideal solution for a variety of wireless Internet of things (IOT) applications, including asset tracking, high-performance human-computer interface device (HID) controller, smart home products and professional lighting.

Tradestar launches Nordic semiconductor nrf52820 multi protocol SOC with Bluetooth 5.2 and USB2.0

Based on Nordic’s nrf52 series architecture, the nordicnrf52820soc of tradezar electronic stock supports Bluetooth 5.2, low-power Bluetooth and Bluetooth mesh, as well as direction finding, 2Mbps high throughput and long-distance transmission. These SOC’s can also support thread, ZigBee and a variety of 2.4-GHz proprietary communication technologies as well as full speed USB2.0 connectivity in a single-chip solution.

The arm? Cortex? – M4 based ultra-low power SOC is slot compatible with nordicnrf52833soc, providing a series of analog and digital interfaces, such as analog comparator, SPI, UART, Twi, qdec and full speed (12mbps) USB interface. Nrf52820soc has built-in USB, multi protocol radio with complete functions and + 8dbm output power. When used with application MCU, it will become an ideal network processor for gateway and other smart home, commercial and industrial applications requiring advanced wireless connection.

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