August 12, 2020 – mouser electronics, a distributor of electronic components focusing on introducing new products and providing massive inventory, is honored to launch a new resource website, which provides customers with current sensing solutions from microchip technology and Vishay intertechnology. Current sensing is the key factor in the development of intelligent motor control and high efficiency power supply. The new website will provide microchip and Vishay with a range of controllers, resistors and amplifiers, providing a one-stop resource for designers looking for reliable resistive current sensing solutions.

Tradestar electronics launches microchip and Vishay resistive current sensing solutions website

The microchip and Vishay current sensing solutions reference website on tradezar website provides links to selected products of microchip and Vishay covering a variety of applications. These links point to pages containing product descriptions and ordering information. The website also provides a link to a white paper that provides a wealth of information on how to use current sensing resistors to measure the current controlled by a closed-loop power supply. This white paper is called “basic information and trade-offs of resistive current sensing”. It compares high side and low side sensing, describes the information about electronic components of related amplifiers, and provides information on how to judge the resistance value of resistors, select the appropriate type of resistors, and the physical connection coefficient.

The current sensing solutions website offers eight products to choose from, all of which are designed to provide reliable current sensing solutions for motor control applications. Compared with Hall effect devices and current sensing coils, current sensing resistor is usually a more attractive solution, and the combination of current sensing resistor and amplifier is more in line with the high requirements of severe industrial applications.

Vishay / Dale wslf power metal strip resistor supports voltage division, current sensing and pulse applications. These resistors have low electro thermal magnetic field (EMF) and very low inductance values, and the resistance values range from 0.003 Ω to 0.0003 Ω. Microchip’s mcp6c02 high side current sensing amplifier can provide input offset voltage calibration for very low offset drift, which is very suitable for motor control, industrial computing and battery monitoring applications. Mcp6c02 amplifier adopts zero drift architecture, which can improve design flexibility and reduce input errors as much as possible.

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