Ultra Low Power Bluetooth ® The connection solution extends the battery life and battery life of tracesafe allsafe bracelet to achieve reliable contact tracking.

Tracesafe bracelet and risk exposure notification system will help Toronto wolves Club Home Lambert stadium open safely.

July 28, 2020, Beijing, China

Atomic, the innovator of ultra low power wireless technology of Internet of things (IOT) ™ Technologies and tracesafe Inc. (CSE: TSF), a provider of contact tracking solutions, jointly announced that tracesafe has adopted the atmospheric M2 solution in allsafe bracelets. The single chip (SOC) power consumption of M2 system is extremely low, which can greatly extend the battery life of allsafe bracelet. At the same time, it also supports Bluetooth remote connection technology connected to gateway.

Developing novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) exposure notification based on wearable devices

The novel coronavirus pneumonia still poses a serious threat to public health. However, with the opening of warehouses, factories, enterprises, schools, health care places, amusement parks, stadiums and other crowded places, there is an urgent need for efficient and low-cost contact tracking equipment and exposure notification system in public places. Based on this severe situation, tracesafe applies its end-to-end and device to cloud solutions in public places through allsafe devices and systems. Tracesafe has teamed up with wireless technology innovator atmosic to integrate atmosic’s M2 solution based on Bluetooth 5.0 into each bracelet to achieve low power consumption and reliable device to device connection for contact tracking.

Atmosic makes batteries last forever ideal for wearable devices

Tracesafe chose the M2 solution of atmospheric because it supports long-distance connections up to 100 meters, and ultra-low power applications make the battery life more than twice that of its competitors. This remote support makes allsafe bracelets suitable for a variety of contact tracking systems, whether connected to a personal smartphone or a gateway (for example, a factory sends a signal from a worker’s bracelet to a gateway). M2 solution integrates the breakthrough ultra-low power RF and RF wake-up technology of atmosic, and extends the life of small low-voltage batteries in IOT devices by at least 18 months, thus reducing or even eliminating the need to charge or replace batteries. This is a huge advantage in the application of allsafe contact tracking system.

David Su, chief executive of atmospheric technologies, said: “many Chinese companies have returned to work and production, and have begun to prudently resume economic activities and social life; But at the same time, we are also worried and vigilant about the rebound of the epidemic. The atmospheric team is committed to working with customers around the world to provide products that support contact tracking, including wearable devices, sensors and data gateways. Among these products, our ‘perpetual life’ connectivity technology can greatly improve the user experience and reduce management, maintenance and cost overhead. “

Atmosic’s portfolio also includes the M3 solution, which further extends battery life and even eliminates the need for batteries at all. M3 solution integrates advanced energy collection technology, which can obtain energy from RF, from ambient light, or capture kinetic energy generated by action.

Adhering to the company’s development vision of “always connected, everywhere”, atmosic has always attached great importance to the Chinese market. Atmosic has launched m2 and M3 solutions to benefit China’s IOT market with permanent battery life and battery free applications.

Innovative wearable devices help improve the safety of reopening venues

Allsafe Bracelet adopts the atmospheric M2 connection solution. In the next season’s event held by Toronto wolves football club in Lambert stadium and another Canadian football stadium, the bracelet will be distributed to every fan, tracking contacts in the event and monitoring social distance.

“Our allsafe system is a complete solution to help businesses and venues safely reopen,” said Dennis Kwan, CEO of tracesafe Technologies Inc. The bracelet provides novel coronavirus pneumonia for contact tracking, social distance and location tracking. When a person is diagnosed with new crown pneumonia, a quick access notification can be made to the wearer’s close contact crowd. Allsafe is also designed with privacy in mind, so no personally identifiable information is stored in the system. “

Tracesafe and atmospheric solutions can be integrated into other wearable devices and sensor devices to help enterprises enter a new normal while improving health and safety.

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