TP-LINK xdr6020 easy exhibition version adopts fluid appearance design, which endows the device with artistic texture on the premise of stability. Equipped with an adjustable angle 8 antenna scheme, the RF technology is mature. By setting a scientific antenna isolation, the stability of the signal is further improved and a better networking experience is brought.

Next generation Wi Fi 6 standard

Embrace the future

TP-LINK xdr6020 easy to show version supports the new generation of Wi Fi 6 standard and 160MHz ultra wide bandwidth. With ax6000 high-speed 8 data stream, it has a wireless speed of up to 6000mbps. Compared with the mainstream ax3000 router (4 data streams) in the market, the xdr6020 easy to show version has significantly improved network speed, coverage and signal performance.

At the same time, xdr6020 easy exhibition version is equipped with uplink and downlink OFDMA technology, which can effectively reduce the delay and greatly improve the use experience in scenarios such as multi player mobile games. Support MU-MIMO + beam forming technology, effectively improve data transmission efficiency, and increase the number of equipment to 512. Even with more devices, you can enjoy the high-speed networking experience.

Powerful filogic 830 chip

Flagship performance

Surging “inner core” to protect the network speed. Xdr6020 easy to show version is equipped with MediaTek filogic 830 wireless connection platform, which adopts a highly integrated design and is built based on 12NM advanced process. It has four cores with frequencies up to 1.6GHz, processing capacity up to 15000 DMIPS, outstanding data processing capacity and low power consumption performance. At the same time, filogic 830 has built-in hardware acceleration engine, which can provide higher speed, reliable and stable wired / wireless connection.

TP-LINK “Zhanyi” technology

Easy networking

One click networking, no need to worry. TP-LINK’s unique “easy Exhibition” technology makes the networking of xdr6020 easy and comfortable. No matter how big the house is and how complex the wall partition is, the network signal can be easily and seamlessly relayed through “easy Exhibition”. Just press the “easy display” button and cooperate with the mobile phone software with simple and understandable interface to realize “one click interconnection and easy networking”. No professional knowledge, no professional configuration.

In addition, xdr6020 easy edition also supports flexible switching of three modes: routing, AP and wireless relay. According to different network layout requirements, one key flexible switching can be achieved through the software interface. The whole house network layout is so simple and convenient.

Filogic 830 chip, high energy and low consumption. The new generation of Wi Fi 6 standard is upgraded with full blood. Dual band high-speed 8 data flow, fearless of network congestion. TP-LINK “easy Exhibition” technology makes the whole house networking simple. The high-energy networking experience in the era of Wi Fi 6 is presented to you by TP-LINK xdr6020 easy edition.

Reviewed by: Peng Jing

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