With the rapid development and specialization of e-sports industry, the requirements of game players for the performance of the equipment used also continue to improve. Synaptics, a developer of human-computer interface solutions, launched a new smartbar technology and naturalid biometric solution for desktop personal computer (PC) applications at computex2015 in 2015, which transforms the blank key of traditional keyboard into touchpad and endows PC mouse with safe biometric capability, enabling OEM to realize innovation and difference in the competitive game industry And further bring more rich experience for game players.

Although the game industry began to develop only in the 1980s, and its market scale has surpassed that of the film industry with a hundred years of history, the innovation of game interface can not match the progress of CPU / GPU. Godfrey Cheng, vice president of product marketing for human-computer interface solutions at Synaptics, said, “in North America, Hollywood’s revenue is still behind video games; in Greater China and South Korea, the game industry is also very popular. However, the progress of game interface in the past 30 years has mostly focused on general interface (such as wired upgrade, wireless, USB) and mechanical characteristics (such as keyboard and mouse conversion), with little change in core functions and limited progress in related interfaces. “

Synaptics expects to introduce game interface through innovative technology, so as to realize cross domain new development. Smartbar technology is a solution specially designed for desktop PC and notebook computer. It adds touch gesture operation function to the blank key of traditional mechanical keyboard, so that it can detect the finger movement of game players. The main functions of smartbar include quick editing, two finger zooming (double finger zooming gesture on the blank key to enlarge or reduce the file or picture), and programmable logic buttons, which can be configured with up to five key settings, and each button can be programmed to execute the macro by using the attached macro editor.

Touch sensing technology will promote the technological innovation of the game industry

Godfrey Cheng explains, “by using smartbar to add capacitive touch technology to the blank keys with low utilization rate, the keyboard becomes a programmable touch key, which can be changed from one entity key to five virtual touch keys, and each virtual block can be regarded as a giant, just like the concept of touch board, which can be customized by users and operators. For example, gamers can swipe through maps with their hands. ” This touch sensing function can also be added to the mouse to realize touch or pressure sensing on the surface of the mouse and generate different feedback by using the pressure.

The traditional keyboard design based on English is not convenient for inputting other languages, but after importing this kind of touch pad, you can input a few letters and then use your finger to slide to select Chinese or other languages. This technology not only gives OEM the ability to develop and configure products, but also improves the productivity and practicability of users. The smartbar technology has been first adopted by thetesports, a competitive accessory of Thermaltake, to support the finger gesture operation function of its products, so that users can experience the advantages brought by the blank key with capacitive sensing ability.

Guangbao, yaoyue, solidyear, evga and other companies will display another technology of Synaptics, natrualid biometric solution, in Computex this year. Synaptics adds the function of quick login and secure transaction at the touch of a finger to its natural ID small area touch sensing solution, which is particularly important for gamers who often carry out online transactions and mobile payment.

“Generally, when we shop online, we have to enter a password to complete the transaction. But we hope to achieve online transactions in a more secure and convenient way. For game players, this kind of security and convenience is more important, because game players usually spend a lot of time and money accumulating virtual property, and e-commerce platform providers and game developers also want consumers to be more secure in their transactions. “

The new naturalid technology can improve security and simplify the transaction process. Using the mouse equipped with naturalid sensor to detect the fingerprint pressed by the user, a one-time password can be generated, which can easily and safely verify the user’s identity and purchase transactions. The game player does not need to input the password and user name, which eliminates the inconvenience of two-way authentication in online transactions and games, but also takes into account the security.

In addition to game applications, biometric technology is getting more and more attention in enterprise devices. For example, windows 10 integrates Hello biometric authentication function. At present, Synaptics has cooperated with banks in Greater China, such as UnionPay, to introduce fingerprint identification into the field of e-commerce, and plans to launch pressure sensing keyboard and mouse in the next two or three years, as well as to promote more secure face recognition and iris recognition authentication process.

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