Recently, according to foreign media reports, Toshiba memory’s US subsidiary announced the launch of a new storage class memory solution: XL flash, which is based on the innovative BICS flash 3D NAND technology and SLC. XL flash will bring low latency and high-performance solutions for data centers and enterprise storage. Samples are expected to be sent for testing next month or mass production in 2020.

According to Toshiba memory, this technology, like Intel 3D xpoint and Samsung z-nand, XL flash belongs to persistent memory, which not only has the capacity of NAND flash storage, but also has the performance between DRAM and NAND. Although it can provide application demanding access speed like DRAM volatile storage solution, the cost of achieving this performance is very high. DRAM unit cost limits its capacity scalability. The new SCM persistent memory solves the problems of density, cost and performance.

It is a product between DRAM and NAND flash memory. Compared with traditional DRAM, it has faster speed, lower latency and higher storage capacity. XL flash will initially be deployed as SSD products, but will also be extended to DRAM product lines in the future.

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