Shanghai, China, June 12, 2020 – Toshiba electronic components and Storage Devices Co., Ltd. (“Toshiba”) today announced the launch of two 1500 pixel monochrome CCD linear image sensors “tcd1105gfg” and “tcd1106gfg” suitable for miniature lens in industrial equipment applications, in which “tcd1105gfg” has built-in electronic shutter function. These two products will be shipped in July 2020.

Toshiba launches 1500 pixel monochrome CCD linear image sensor

The newly launched sensors can meet two main market needs: equipment equipped with sensors and requiring high-speed operation, including inspection equipment using monochrome CCD linear image sensor; Equipment requiring low power consumption.

The data rate of the two new sensors can reach up to 25MHz, and both have built-in timing generation circuit and CCD driving circuit, which can realize high-speed operation without the help of external circuits. The use of the built-in sample and hold circuit extends the video output signal period, which helps to simplify the design of high-speed signal processing.

In addition to improving performance, due to the use of a single 3.3V power drive, the power consumption is lower than that of Toshiba’s existing high-speed products.


  • 1500 pixels, 25MHz (maximum) data rate, monochrome CCD linear image sensor;
  • Built in timing generation circuit helps to reduce the use of external driving circuit;
  • Built in sample and hold circuit, which can prolong the period of video output signal; (signal polarity: positive)
  • Built in electronic shutter function: only tcd1105gfg;
  • Single 3.3V power supply drive.


Automatic optical inspection equipment, sensing equipment, bar code reader, etc.

Main specifications:

Toshiba launches 1500 pixel monochrome CCD linear image sensor

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