Shanghai, China, September 8, 2021 – Toshiba electronic components and Storage Devices Co., Ltd. (“Toshiba”) today announced that it has begun mass production of 20 new devices in the m4g group for high-speed data processing. M4g group is a new member of TXZ + TM advanced series and is manufactured by 40nm process. These products use arm cortex-m4 core with FPU, run at a frequency of up to 200MHz, internally integrate 2MB code flash memory and 32KB data flash memory, have 100000 write cycle durability, and provide rich interfaces and communication options. Therefore, m4g devices are very suitable for office equipment, building and factory automation applications.

The Microcontrollers in m4g group are configured with enhanced communication functions. In addition to UART, fuart, TSPI and I2C, they also support Quad / octal SPI, audio interface (I2S) and external bus interface. In addition, these devices have built-in 3-cell DMAC and bus matrix structure, which greatly improves the communication throughput compared with traditional products.

The microcontroller is equipped with high-speed and high-precision 12 bit analog / digital converter, which supports up to 24 analog-to-digital conversion input channels. They can set the sample and hold time separately, which is convenient for the device to support a variety of sensors.

These devices can provide self diagnosis function for ROM, ram, ADC and clock, and help customers pass iec60730 class B function safety certification. These new devices not only realize low current consumption and high function, but also maintain good compatibility with the existing txztm series m4g (1) devices.

You can visit Toshiba’s website and download documentation, sample software and its actual use examples, and driver software that controls the interface of each peripheral device. The assessment board and development environment are provided in collaboration with the arm global ecosystem partners.

Main features of the new product:

-High performance arm cortex-m4 core with FPU, up to 200MHz

-Motor control function and communication interface

-Self diagnosis function meeting iec60730 class B functional safety requirements


-High speed data processing for consumer appliances and industrial equipment

-Multi function printer (MFP), audio-visual equipment, building and factory automation communication equipment, Internet of things household appliances, etc


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