Shanghai, China, December 16, 2021 – Toshiba electronic components and Storage Devices Co., Ltd. (“Toshiba”) today announced the launch of three 4-form-a voltage driven optical relays – “tlp3407sra4”, “tlp3412srha4” and “tlp3475srha4”, which adopt one of the smallest packaging types in the industry. These three devices begin to support batch shipment today.


The new product is Toshiba’s first four channel normally open optical relay. It adopts the newly developed small s-vson16t package, and the typical installation area is only 12.5mm2, which is one of the smallest package types in the industry. Moreover, due to the built-in resistance on the input side, these products can be driven by voltage without any external resistance. These features help to reduce the demand for board space, so that more optical relays can be installed.

The new optical relay is suitable for applications such as semiconductor tester, which need to install a large number of relays on circuit boards with limited space.

The maximum rated working temperature of the new product is 125 ℃, so it is suitable for high temperature environment and easy to ensure thermal design margin.


-Semiconductor tester (probe card and test head for memory, SOC, LSI and other devices)

-Aging equipment

-Measuring instruments (oscilloscope, data recorder, etc.)


-S-vson16t package, one of the smallest package types in the industry, with 4-form-a contacts

-Voltage driven type with integrated input resistor without external resistance (input voltage: 3.3V system or 5V system)

-High rated operating temperature: TOPR max. = 125 ℃

Main specifications:

(unless otherwise stated, @ TA = 25 ℃)


[1] as of November 2021, Toshiba has conducted research on voltage driven optical relay.

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