-Reducing the number of external components helps to save board space

Shanghai, China, September 22, 2021 – Toshiba electronic components and Storage Devices Co., Ltd. (“Toshiba”) today announced the addition of a new member “tb67s539ftg” to the stepping motor drive IC product line, aiming to provide constant current control function for office automation equipment, commercial equipment and industrial equipment. This new drive IC can realize constant current motor control without current induction resistance.

Tb67s539ftg adopts DMOSFET device [1] newly launched by Toshiba, which can realize 40V motor output rated voltage and 2.0A motor output rated current [2]. The integrated current sensor realizes constant current motor control and eliminates the need for external current induced resistance. The H-bridge circuit for motor control adopts n-channel / n-channel configuration, and a built-in charge pump circuit to realize output stage control. In addition, this new drive IC does not require an external capacitor (usually used to drive the gate of the H-bridge) because it is already integrated inside the product. This helps to save space on the printed circuit board.

Tb67s539ftg supports 4.5V to 34V motor drive power supply, which is suitable for applications with 24V voltage drive and 12V drive, including surveillance camera and projector.

To reduce heat dissipation during use, the tb67s539ftg is packaged in a compact qfn32 package. The drain source on resistance (high side + low side) of the output transistor is as low as 0.8 Ω (typical value), which helps to reduce heat generation.


-Office automation, commercial and industrial equipment


-No current sensing resistance is required

-External capacitor without charge pump circuit

-Sleep mode low power consumption: IM1 = 1 μ A (maximum) @ sleep mode

Main specifications:

(unless otherwise stated, @ TA = 25 ℃)


[1] as of September 2021.

[2] the actual motor driving current depends on the operating environment, ambient temperature, power supply voltage and other factors.

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