The construction of prison / detention center security system aims to strengthen the management of prison / detention center, prevent the occurrence of cases in prison / detention center, improve the management level of prison / detention center, and reduce the management cost of prison / detention center. Through the use of advanced and mature information technology in each system, the intelligent supervision work can be realized, and the prison / detention center management personnel can be freed from the traditional manual management work, so as to achieve the goal of “requiring police force from science and technology”.

Topological structure and application construction of prison / detention house security system

System topology

The construction tasks of prison / detention center security system include private network, video monitoring system, alarm system, intercom system, perimeter defense, public broadcasting, access control system and TV wall display system. Through the integrated platform of prison / detention center security management, all subsystems are integrated and managed, controlled and directed through a unified platform, Realize the mutual correlation and alarm linkage among the systems. In case of emergency in prison / detention center, the system starts the emergency plan, reads and inquires the monitoring videos and all kinds of supervision information of all supervision places, coordinates with relevant personnel to command and deal with emergencies, and maintains the safety and stability of supervision places.

Tongcheng detention center (hereinafter referred to as detention center) has built a rapid communication platform through the application of meeyi Meiyi smart prison products. The internal management personnel of the detention center can directly realize paging and broadcasting in any area through the intercom system, release information notices, and no longer need to personally go to give notices as before, which improves the work efficiency of personnel by 30%.

The monitoring and monitoring function of the system is applied in the detention center to monitor the relevant prison areas, which helps to find out the abnormal situation in time and take precautions. When there is an abnormal situation in the relevant area, we can rush to deal with it directly, and record the video and sound through the system at the same time, so as to facilitate the later accountability review and so on. To a large extent, the occurrence of fighting in the observation center is reduced, so that the prisoners who are trying to pick up trouble have no place to hide.

In the detention center, the performance of the detainee is scored by regularly checking the monitoring video and call records in the system, plus the usual performance. The management effectiveness is improved through the scoring system.

Through the application of meeyi Meiyi smart prison products, the detention center has realized the functions of intercommunication / help seeking, wristband card shopping consumption, wristband positioning, consumption record query, account balance query, laws and regulations, rights and obligations protection, etc. We should truly realize the concept of “strengthening the police with science and technology and people-oriented”.

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