2020 is about to pass. In this extraordinary year, although the economic development of all countries in the world has been affected to varying degrees, the frontier industries such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 5g and robot have bucked the trend and achieved positive market performance. In the past year, the robot industry has turned danger into opportunity, further promoting the popularization of various robot products to industry and life.

In this context, the development of the robot industry has received more attention, and the market financing activities are still frequent, reflecting the capital’s “preference” for robots. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 100 financing incidents reported by domestic media this year. Based on the collected information, we share the following 10 financing events in the field of robotics in 2020:

Top 10 financing trends of robot industry

Bearrobotis completes us $32 million round a financing

On January 22, according to foreign media reports, bear Robotis completed a $32 million round of financing, which was led by Softbank group. Bear Robotis, which has been developing robots to provide food for restaurant customers, has set a financing target of $35.8 million.

Intuitionrobotics gets $36 million financing

On February 14, it was reported that intuitionrobotics, an intelligent robot company, has completed a $36 million round B financing, which is led by Sparx group and ourcrowd, followed by Toyota AI fund, SOMPO holdings, iRobot, uniontechventures and other institutions. At present, the total financing amount of intuitionrobotics is US $58 million, and this round of financing will focus on enhancing product functions and improving user experience.

Keenon completed round B financing of 200 million yuan

On March 17, keenon, a robot start-up company, completed round B financing of 200 million yuan, which was invested by source capital, Walden International and Shanghai s & T leading investors, existing shareholders yunqi capital and ivision ventures. It is used for continuous large-scale promotion in domestic market, overseas market expansion and horizontal development of new business fields such as medical treatment.

Yikm completes us $30 million C3 round financing

On May 19, it was reported that recently, yikm, an intelligent car washing robot R & D company, has completed a US $30 million C3 round of financing. The investor is Kaiming capital, and the financing will be used for technology R & D, store expansion and brand building. As a US dollar fund, Kaiming capital will also help yikm expand its overseas market. It is reported that yikm is an intelligent car washing robot R & D company.

Locusrobotics completes $40 million financing

On June 3, locusrobotics announced that it has raised $40 million, most of which will be used to accelerate R & D work and expand into new markets including the European Union, and has opened a new headquarters in Europe. It is understood that locusrobotics is a warehouse robotics company, headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA. the company mainly develops mobile robots for warehouse automation, logistics and order fulfillment. Neocis received $72 million in financing

Wandelbots robot company obtains 200 million yuan B round financing

On June 17, Germany’s wandelbots robot company announced that it will obtain 200 million RMB (US $30 million) round B financing, which will receive strategic investment from world giants Microsoft and Siemens. In addition, investors include 83 north and haniel group. Prior to that, wandelbots obtained a 6 million euro round a financing led by EQT, the second largest private equity fund in Europe, in December 2018.

3 billion yuan financing for minimally invasive medical robot

On September 3, it was reported that minimally invasive medical and its minimally invasive (Shanghai) medical robot Co., Ltd. jointly announced the completion of 3 billion yuan of external financing, including 1.5 billion yuan of direct capital increase for the latter and 1.5 billion yuan of equity transfer for minimally invasive. A number of strategic investors including hillhood capital, CPE, Bailin capital, Yuanyi investment and e-fonda capital were introduced. After the completion of this round of financing, minimally invasive medical robot is still a holding subsidiary of minimally invasive.

Han’s robot won a round of financing of 165 million yuan

On October 9, it was reported that Han’s robot, an intelligent robot manufacturer, recently completed a round of financing of 165 million yuan. The investors are Suzhou Tengxin, Beijing Honghan, Shenzhen Xiaodan and other institutions. This round of funds will be mainly used to accelerate the R & D and market promotion of Han’s intelligent cooperative robot, and promote its application in industry, medical treatment, logistics, service and other fields.

Neocis received $72 million in financing

Neocis, a dental robot start-up, has completed a round of financing of 72 million US dollars (483 million yuan), which will be mainly used to expand its customer base and recruit new employees, foreign media reported on October 9. It is understood that dfjgrowth, vivo capital and other companies participated in the investment, Mithril capital management, North venture partners and other companies continued to raise. So far, neocis has raised more than 120 million US dollars (about 806 million yuan).

Mga completed round B financing of nearly US $30 million

On November 3, it was reported that mga, an intelligent cooperative robot manufacturer, recently announced the completion of US $30 million round B financing, which was led by Innovation workshop, followed by old shareholders such as Liandong investment, pleasure capital and Bosch venture capital. Mga also released its sub brand “mga Kunpeng laboratory” to continuously explore the application of robot and artificial intelligence technology in the field of life science.

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