Nordic semiconductor announced that Beijing Zizi Technology Co., Ltd., a Beijing based wearable electronics company, has released a series of wireless tracker products using Nordic nrf52810 Low Power Bluetooth chip level system (SOC) to prevent personal belongings from being lost.

Nut3 is compact in size, only 38 x 38 x 7 mm, and can be attached to a user’s key card or other personal belongings. Once paired with a user’s Bluetooth 4.0 (and later) smartphone using the wireless connectivity function implemented by Nordic SOC, users can easily find and ring the nut3 dropout preventer through the “nut” program compatible with IOS and Android. Moreover, the user can set the anti loss device, which will send out an alarm at a certain distance from the smart phone, and record the location where the device is disconnected. Nut users can also create a lost and found community to help each other find lost items.

Because the S132 softdevice of nrf52810 SOC supports the central and peripheral roles, if the nut3 dropout preventer is separated from the user’s smartphone, it will send out an alarm; conversely, if the user knows where the tracker is but can’t find a paired smartphone, he can press the button of the dropout preventer to call the phone. In addition, memory optimized S112 softdevice can also be used for nrf52810 SOC devices for products that only need peripheral operation.

Powered by a single CR2032 button battery, nut3 can provide up to 12 months of battery life under standard operating conditions, one of the reasons is that the Nordic SOC has ultra-low power consumption. Nrf52810 is carefully designed to minimize power consumption, has 4.6 Ma peak Rx / TX current performance of 2.4GHz radio, and its fully automatic power management system can reduce power consumption to 80% less than that of Nordic nrf51 series SOC.

Nordic’s nrf52810 multi protocol SOC combines a 64mhz 32-bit arm? Cortex? M4 processor with a 2.4GHz multi protocol radio (Bluetooth 5, ant support) Gamma And proprietary 2.4GHz RF protocol software), with lower radio power consumption, and with 192kb flash memory and 24Kb ram. Nordic’s unique software architecture clearly separates RF protocol software from developers’ application code, which simplifies the development process and ensures that softdevice will not be damaged when customers develop, compile, test and verify their application code.

“Nordic has provided excellent support for our development work,” said Tian Lin, CEO of Beijing Zizi Technology Co., Ltd. All the development tools and technical documentation are very helpful, and when we do have questions, the Nordic devzone community can provide quick answers. “

“At the same time, Nordic provides a wide range of technical support throughout the R & D and production process.”

Today, only low-power Bluetooth tracking devices are needed to help users retrieve keys and personal belongings

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