September 18, 2021 – mouser electronics, an electronic component distributor focusing on introducing new products and promoting industry innovation, announced that it would hold an online seminar on the application of mesh wireless technology with silicon labs from 14:00 to 15:00 on September 24. At that time, technical experts from silicon labs will share the application knowledge of mesh wireless technology, so that engineers can easily solve application problems by taking advantage of mesh technology.

With more and more smart devices connected to the home, the realization of smart home scene becomes more convenient through networked control. In this regard, as an industry leader in embedded technology, security and intelligent wireless, silicon labs launched mesh network technology solutions, which not only makes the development of equipment easier and networking flexible, but also further improves the user experience. Mesh technology is a very important topology in wireless technology, which is widely used in the Internet of things market. Mesh network has many incomparable advantages over star networks. It can not only relay data communication through multiple hops in the network to achieve several times of point-to-point communication distance, but also very convenient in group control, which can basically ensure the consistency of simultaneous control of multiple devices. This live broadcast will introduce Bluetooth mesh technology standard, wireless mesh network, wireless sensor network architecture and analysis methods, lead engineers to fully understand the knowledge required for mesh technology design, and help designers quickly build corresponding wireless mesh networks in different scenarios.

Ms. Tian Jiping, vice president of market and business development in Asia Pacific region of MAOZe electronics, said: “At present, the popularity of many mobile platforms, such as smart phones, requires developers to quickly respond to the rapid growth of mesh network functions in various industries and applications. However, due to the complexity of mesh network in specific hardware design and software development, it increases the difficulty of the project. In order to help engineers solve project problems, tradeze Electronics The technical experts of silicon labs are specially invited to explain in detail the mesh wireless technology application solution of silicon labs in combination with their senior experience in the wireless connection products of the Internet of things and Bluetooth products. It is hoped that after fully understanding the mesh network knowledge, engineers can quickly deploy the connection equipment and application degree, so as to make the project development easier. “

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