5g is not only an important pillar of new infrastructure, but also a fusion and accelerator of various technologies of digital infrastructure. 5g, as a new generation technology, will change the whole industry. At the 2020 China Internet Conference, song Qizhu, party secretary and chairman of China Radio and television network Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on promoting the innovative development of 5g + industrial Internet integration with high quality.

It is predicted that by 2030, the direct output value driven by 5g will reach 6.3 trillion and the indirect output value will reach 16 trillion. The impact of 5g is omni-directional, systematic and deep-seated. As a telecom operator, China Radio and television will also give birth to new formats. Song Qizhu said: “the real arrival of the Internet of things is marked by the maturity of 5g technology. Among them, the field of industrial interconnection is the most typical application of 5g, and to B industry will be the largest application of industrial Internet.”

Build a new smart radio and television brand with Internet of all things

Radio and television will focus on the network, logo, platform, security and ecology, and promote to become an innovation driven, open and inclusive industrial Internet supporter and service provider. China Radio and television 5g will take audio-visual communication as its mission, focus on its main business, highlight its characteristics, and focus on ICT infrastructure, industrial ecology, safe broadcast control, vertical industry application, edge / terminal / IOT to become a smart radio and television network operator, digital life service provider and national new infrastructure network service provider. Song Qizhu said that in the future, radio and television will focus on building a new smart radio and television brand of interconnection of all things, and promote the construction of new brands through new support, new kinetic energy and new scenes.

The new support is to transform and upgrade the traditional new media industry and reshape the new pattern of radio and television by integrating the media communication platform. New media support is formed in the form of “communication + live + on demand + content”. At present, there are multi angle live broadcasting in the live TV broadcasting, which has been applied in the fields of marathon, basketball and football in combination with AR and VR technology.

To C and to B fields work together to build a new network of wired and wireless cooperation

New kinetic energy extends in the fields of intelligent logistics, intelligent power, industrial parks, 5g wide coverage IOT services, etc. Through the transformation of production design, service and after-sales of factories in the park, new kinetic energy is formed.

The new scenario is to realize the wide coverage of radio and television through distance education and telemedicine, and provide medical and educational services for the majority of users. In addition, radio and television will respond to the national call and cooperate with more agriculture, rural areas and farmers to form a precise poverty alleviation strategy.

Synchronous force in to C and to B fields

700MHz is a digital bonus band. Song Qizhu said: “radio and television will make full use of 700MHz. In addition to being used in the field of to C, it will expand synchronously to the field of to B.”

Due to the low delay and wide coverage of 700MHz, radio and television will fully carry out scientific research and services in five fields: machine vision, data acquisition, production scheduling, AI assistance and remote control. It will provide support and services in the fields of steel, power grid, ports, mines, mechanical equipment, high-end manufacturing, 3C household appliances and automobiles.

In the field of to C, radio and television will vigorously develop telemedicine, smart education and the union of cultural things. Radio and television will carry out industrial applications through 5g universal service, network, national service platform and national security situation awareness platform. Specifically, radio and television will innovate and build a service platform for industrial Internet Security in the industry, and has the ability to provide security protection services for no less than 200 industrial enterprises and industrial Internet platform enterprises. In some key areas, it can realize the functions of threat source tracing, positioning and blocking disposal.

In the future, radio and television will establish docking with the national industrial Internet security situational awareness and risk early warning platform to realize four-level linkage among ministries, groups, provinces and enterprises. Highlight the characteristic advantages of the radio and television industry, combine with the ubiquitous connection field and anytime, anywhere service field, realize one body and two wings, and highlight the characteristics of large broadband, low delay and wide connection of the radio and television network. Radio and television will launch the normalized live content of high-tech content in culture, news and sports. As a new operator, China Radio and television has opened 5g application in KANGYI County, Hubei Province, realizing the communication of journalists, equipment and protest front line. It is also the prototype of radio and television application in industrial Internet.

Accelerate the construction of 700MHz 5g wireless overlay network

Song Qizhu said: “radio and television will use the fastest time to build a 700MHz wireless coverage network for the whole country. Radio and television is speeding up the pace of network construction and building a new network in which wired and wireless cooperate with each other.”

At the same time, radio and television will also upgrade the wired network to realize IP platform, cloud service, IP transmission and intelligent large and small screen terminals. While building new wired and wireless networks, radio and television will also use large bandwidth technology to realize a fusion network with larger bandwidth, higher reliability and wider coverage through the sharing of intermediate frequency and low frequency. Meanwhile, radio and television will realize large-scale Internet of things connection through large-scale mmtc technology.

Radio and television 5g will use low frequency and intermediate frequency overlay networking to enhance coverage. Low frequency is used for wide coverage, and intermediate frequency will supplement coverage with hot spot capacity. Through the combination of SA independent networking and 700MHz, the low delay technology suitable for industrial Internet with lower delay will be realized. Specifically, radio and television will use 3.2ghz ~ 3.3GHz frequency to cover indoor, and use 4.9ghz to cover urban hotspots and industrial parks, so as to improve spectrum efficiency and network performance.

Facing the future, radio and television will explore vertical industry applications and deal with cooperation opportunities and challenges. In the fields of smart factory, smart logistics, Internet of things and AR / VR, give full play to the advantages of radio and television, open up the connection and synergy between smart city and factory operation, and make smart city and production and manufacturing a natural integration.

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