Modern life is becoming more and more intelligent, and with the development of this trend, valve/small motor systems are being used more and more widely. Most small systems require two power supplies. One way to supply power to MCU or control circuit, one way to supply power to small motor/relay/solenoid valve/water valve/air valve. Such as: express cabinet / shared mobile power charging box / water purifier water valve control / IPC and so on.


For motor and valve loads, the instantaneous current is very large, as shown in Figure 1 below: there is a pulse current of 1uS 17A, the input voltage is pulled down, and the MCU has the risk of restarting. Secondly, this kind of load has a very high back EMF at the moment of shutdown. There is a risk of burning out the control circuit if the power supply is not separated.


For EMI and safety reasons, power must be supplied close to the motor. In some cases where the system is limited, it must be connected with a long power cord. When the connector is instantly powered off due to hot plugging and vibration, LC oscillation will occur. have very high peak voltages. If the input terminal is not protected, there is a risk of burning the MCU.

TMI6263H can perfectly solve the above two problems. TMI6283H has built-in two-way switch, SW1 is connected to motor or valve, and has input OVP function, which can solve the problem of too long input power line of the system. Input and output 18V withstand voltage, can solve the problem of back electromotive force. In addition, SW1 has a built-in soft-start function, which can adjust the SS capacitor value, adjust the output voltage soft-start time, reduce the inrush current of the motor, and effectively solve the problem of current inrush. SW2 Vin2 is connected to Vout1, and Vout2 is connected to MCU or control circuit.

The detailed specifications are as follows:

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