Ti has added new functions to WEBENCH. It includes new features of power architecture, new amplifier design tools and improved filter design. The updated WEBENCH will better serve the majority of design engineers and simplify their design work.

The input and output of this system design tool is recommended by engineers. After the solution is selected, engineers can adjust the design scheme through optimizer, combining with cost, efficiency and size, and finally derive the most suitable solution through thermal simulation and correction of simulation results. Of course, engineers can design or modify the selected scheme by themselves through schematic editor.

The new functions of WEBENCH include sequencing and load switch in the power architecture. FPGA may have different timing requirements. Different chips are used to do different loads for FPGA, and specific timing controller or load switch is used to control the corresponding load power supply. At the same time, ti will soon launch WEBENCH amplifier design tool, which supports functions such as simulation, simulation export, PDF report generation and design sharing. The design tab allows graphic performance analysis, performance calculation and BOM selection. The design tool supports five kinds of simulation, including sine wave response, step response, closed-loop frequency response, DC scanning and output noise. WEBENCH also includes the design of filter, which has a simplified visual interface, customized amplifier bandwidth, including new filter types, and can be designed with SPICE simulation capability and simulation output.

Jeff Perry, director of Ti WEBENCH Design Center

So far, WEBENCH mainly focuses on analog circuit design. It is reported that ti’s device library already contains more than 110000 device models, covering most commonly used devices. Due to its simple application and powerful functions, WEBENCH is also popular among domestic engineers. According to the survey, Chinese users account for 19% of the users of WEBENCH design tools. From 2011 to 2016, Chinese users have been growing. Jeff Perry, director of TI’s WEBENCH design center, said: “because WEBENCH is easy to use, engineers do not need special skills when using WEBENCH. They only need to know their basic needs to complete the engineering design. Because ti has a lot of products, we will make plans three years in advance to improve the WEBENCH tools. At the same time, we will adjust and optimize the corresponding functions of WEBENCH through the suggestions and requirements of field application engineers. “

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