When you use Baidu online disk to watch videos, do you also want to realize double speed playback similar to BiliBili, which can save some time and get a better viewing experience. Of course, if you are a local tyrant, you don’t have to watch it, because you can spend up to double speed!

The first one: download the browser, log in to the web version of the online disk, choose to play the video, and right-click to change the playback speed. Firefox, percentile and roam browser can realize the fastest 2x playback

The second: log in to the web version with Google browser, select play video, click three points on the top right – more tools – developer tools, paste the following code into the white box, and then click “enter”. The number in brackets is the speed multiplier, which can be modified by yourself. videojs. getPlayers(“video-player”). html5player. tech_. setPlaybackRate(2)

The third kind: the software enouncemyspeed can realize the maximum playback speed of 3-5 times

The fourth kind: The iPad can download the alook browser, and the fastest playback can be achieved by logging in to the web disk.

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