According to the previously exposed roadmap, Intel will launch the second generation of tiger Lake processor with 10nm process next year after the first 10nm ice lake processor this year. However, it will still be used in the mobile market in the initial stage and will not be used in desktop processors until 2021.

For tiger Lake processor, what we can know is that it will use the second generation CPU micro core willow cove, and the GPU change is the largest. The gen12 core display will be upgraded to Xe architecture, which is known as the biggest change in Intel GPU architecture in the past 13 years, and the performance is four times that of the current core display.

In addition to the major changes of CPU and GPU, tiger lake of 10nm process may also be fully upgraded in packaging. Recently, in the certification on the official website of ECE Eurasian Economic Union, it was found that tiger lake-u 4 + 2 (meaning 4-core + GT2 core display) uses MCP multi-chip packaging technology.

Tiger lake-u is suspected to use MCP multi chip packaging technology

In previous years, MCP packaging technology has no unique significance. Glue multi-core technology was used more than 10 years ago, but now the situation is different. Intel has successively introduced more advanced 2D and 3D Packaging Technologies in the past two years, namely emib and foveros. These technologies are different from simple glue multi-core, but can package chips with different architectures and processes, The technical content is too high.

Considering that tiger Lake processor is oriented to the time point from 2020 to 2021, MCP packaging here should not be the traditional way. In any case, emib or foveros packaging will also be used.

If so, it means that a previous guess has become a reality. Not long ago, it was rumored that Intel continued to use the 14nm process on the rocket Lake processor in 2021. The purpose is to separate the CPU and GPU units. The CPU part is the high-performance core of the 14nm process, and the GPU can choose the 14nm gen9 core display or 10nm Xe core display, which is much more flexible.

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