Three years ago, shouldering the mission of “world program” for artificial intelligence, the world artificial intelligence conference was held for the first time on the Bank of Pujiang River. This year, Shanghai also set the goal of building a highland of artificial intelligence. Over the past three years, relying on this important platform, Shanghai’s AI enterprises, talents and innovation resources have been accumulating rapidly, and its industrial scale has been expanding. It has increasingly become an AI testing ground with the most complete industrial elements and the most abundant application scenarios, and has become a wind vane for the development of global AI.

Three years later, in the face of the special background of the global epidemic, whether or not the world artificial intelligence conference will be held and how to do it will affect the hearts of many people. Until June 22, Shanghai announced that this year’s world artificial intelligence conference will be presented as a new “cloud summit” from July 9 to 11 as scheduled, showing the industry Shanghai’s determination to build a global artificial intelligence highland.

In fact, at this time, the world needs to keep watch and help each other to discuss how artificial intelligence can provide new momentum and new solutions for global development and governance. The theme of this year’s conference is “Zhilian world, common home”, which is in line with the background of the current global war epidemic.

AI for the good

AI connects the world, everyone and our common home. Especially in the face of the epidemic situation, artificial intelligence shows “intelligent responsibility”.

Wu Jincheng, director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said that in the prevention and control of the epidemic, Shanghai has applied artificial intelligence technology to the study and judgment of epidemic situation, analysis of transmission path, accurate prevention and control, effective treatment and follow-up governance. By providing more accurate and effective scientific decision-making basis, improving the efficiency of reception and diagnosis, strengthening remote and online technical services, robot intelligent operation, etc., we can provide solid support for overcoming the epidemic situation.

For example, the CT product based on “Tianyan intelligent platform” tailored by Shanghai Lianying for the epidemic situation, patients do not need the assistance of medical staff, the equipment can intelligently identify the whole body position information, realize intelligent positioning and positioning, and accurately locate the pneumonia lesions. In addition, the rapid scanning workflow enables the device to scan the large circulation of 300 people every day, which is three times of that of ordinary devices.

Tianyan AI fully intelligent automatic scanning navigation upgrade

Tianyan AI fully intelligent automatic scanning navigation upgrades hospital sense prevention and control.

One of the difficulties in the prevention and control of the epidemic is the shortage of medical resources. In the face of the demand for explosive medical treatment, the artificial intelligence aided diagnosis system shows its talents. Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia intelligent evaluation system based on artificial intelligence technology was introduced in Shanghai. It carried out rapid diagnosis and intelligent analysis of efficacy. It was also launched on the line of Shanghai public health center. The results of more than 70 new crown pneumonia cases were preliminarily verified, indicating that the evaluation results of the system are highly consistent with the experts’ evaluation. Moreover, this system only needs two or three seconds to complete quantitative analysis; It usually takes two or three hours to draw CT images manually by traditional software for quantitative evaluation.

How to carry out the investigation at the fastest speed has become a difficult problem faced by the community front-line staff. Shanghai xiaoi robot makes voice interaction through voice recognition, semantic understanding and other technologies, and provides free anti epidemic outbound call robot service to the community. According to the script template, it initiates telephone outbound call to the reworked people, and makes customized questions such as “whether there is fever or other discomfort” and “whether the 14 day isolation period is in progress”, And report the call content to the community in the form of report“ Some tasks with high standardization and repeatability can be done by robots, which is also one of the values of artificial intelligence. ” Yuan Hui, chairman of xiaoi robot, said.

Shanghai’s AI technology continues to be exported overseas, contributing to the “epidemic” of international war. Shangtang technology’s intelligent products and AI intelligent epidemic prevention solutions provide necessary guarantee for LG CNS’s epidemic prevention work in South Korea; Shanghai has exported 19 sets of various image detection equipment to 9 countries, provided AI application, and developed systematic solutions such as shelter CT and remote grading diagnosis and treatment.

Shangtang AI intelligent epidemic prevention solution of LG CNS headquarters in South Korea.

“The theme of this year’s conference is defined as Zhilian world and common home, which is the theme of science and technology to be good.” Zhang Ying, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said that the conference will focus on the topic of “AI for the good” and discuss new global governance plans.

Up against the trend

This year is the “formation year” of the basic framework for Shanghai to build a science and technology innovation center with global influence, and the artificial intelligence conference is an important answer. A cloud summit spans time and space. What Shanghai wants to show the world is the “Shanghai practice” of AI enabling high-quality life, promoting high-quality development, and assisting modern governance.

The epidemic situation makes many enterprises face challenges, but artificial intelligence enterprises become a bright color in Shencheng economy.

According to the data of the first quarter, the total revenue of 37 enterprises was 4.53 billion yuan, an increase of 31.6% over the same period last year. The main growth is due to the rapid development of online new economy. For example, the revenue of zhangxiaomen education technology in the first quarter was 1.2 billion yuan, an increase of 144% over the same period last year; Himalaya’s revenue in the first quarter was 630 million yuan, an increase of 40%; The revenue of polar chain technology was 180 million yuan, an increase of 116%.

In April, 33 key enterprises reported a total revenue of 1.34 billion yuan, an increase of 25.7% over the same period last year, and an average increase of 3.4% over the period from January to March. The industry as a whole began to recover. For example, Jifen culture (qutoutiao) increased by 44% compared with last year, reversing the trend of year-on-year decline in the first quarter. In May, a total of 12 enterprises reported data, with a total revenue of 540 million yuan, an increase of 98.8% over the same period last year. The economic recovery of the industry continued to improve. The revenue growth momentum of wensihaihui information technology and zhangxiaomen education technology in May was booming

Leading enterprises are rising against the trend, and a number of major projects are taking root on the map of Shanghai’s intelligent industry.

Shangtang technology’s China headquarters has successfully settled down, and is speeding up the construction of a new generation of AI computing enabling platform, with an investment of 6 billion yuan; The project of Dakai intelligent robot industrial base has been advanced efficiently. It has been officially started on March 31 this year, and the main building of the super factory will be completed within this year; IBM artificial intelligence innovation center is expected to open in July, and now has two entrepreneurial teams; In the future, Tucson will promote the large-scale commercial demonstration project of driverless trucks near Hong Kong, and has built a driverless test R & D center. The total mileage of driverless trucks has exceeded 50000 km

Dakai intelligent robot industrial base has broken ground in Maqiao artificial intelligence Innovation Experimental Zone.

On the other hand, the construction of application scenarios has achieved remarkable results, with a total of 30 open scenarios involving 10 major fields such as medical treatment, education, culture and tourism, urban management, justice, finance, etc., attracting more than 150 overseas enterprises and 240 solutions to participate. It has cultivated and formed such influential scenes as Zhangjiang artificial intelligence island, Yangshan Port intelligent heavy truck, state grid power intelligent inspection in the Expo, Shanghai Electric “Ai + industrial Internet”, intelligent judicial trial of Municipal High Court, and intelligent education of Shixi middle school.

“Good projects do not lack land, good industries do not lack space, good applications do not lack scenes.” Wu Jincheng said that Shanghai will play a leading role in the new digital infrastructure and continue to build an “intelligent base”; We will continue to improve the industrial map, integrate the policies, talents, funds, land and other resources of the two levels of the urban area and each park, further promote the ecological improvement of the intelligent industry and the development of enterprise clusters, and constantly expand and update the “circle of friends” of Shanghai’s artificial intelligence“ At this year’s conference, several leading enterprises in the industry will announce that they will put their headquarters or important functional headquarters in Shanghai. “

Show determination

The epidemic situation can not stop the pace of artificial intelligence, nor can it stop Shanghai’s determination to accelerate the building of artificial intelligence highland.

The past two world artificial intelligence conferences have attracted nearly 1000 leaders and top scientists of artificial intelligence enterprises at home and abroad to gather. More than 500 heavyweight enterprises and more than 300 top products have appeared at the exhibition. AI international day, AI Developer Day and AI intelligent experience are in various forms and colorful, which has initially started the international brand of artificial intelligence development.

Although the conference moved to the “cloud” this year, its high-end, international, professional, market-oriented and intelligent will become more prominent.

This year’s meeting has confirmed that there are seven award winners, five more than last year’s; After the “double horse dialogue” with Ma Yun last year, Tesla CEO musk will attend the meeting by connecting; Baidu CEO Robin Li, Ali cloud founder Wang Jian, as well as Qualcomm, SAP, AstraZeneca, Microsoft, apple, IBM, Amazon and other international leading enterprises responsible person confirmed the meeting. According to preliminary statistics, there were more than 30 CEO level speakers on the first day of the conference, double the number last year.

The cloud summit is full of internationalization and high-end quality.

The epidemic accelerated the penetration of online new economy to a certain extent. This year’s World Conference on artificial intelligence is the first summit to truly break the time and space constraints. It is revealed that this year’s conference will strengthen international linkage, with Shanghai studio as the main body, echoed by Germany, South Korea, Singapore and other places. Specially planned “intercontinental connection” and “Ai night talk”. Among them, “intercontinental connection” will invite top experts from all over the world to connect and talk in real time. AI night talk will gather representatives of new generation of entrepreneurs in artificial intelligence and Internet to imagine the next decade of the new economy in Pujiang night.

The AI combat in the epidemic highlights the new trend of AI deep enabling industry“ At present, AI has stepped out of the stage of technology explosion and entered a new era of landing application and creating value. The importance of AI enabling traditional industries is becoming increasingly prominent. ” Wu Jincheng said that the cloud summit specially set up AI + industry, AI + health, AI + education, AI + finance and other thematic forums to discuss the current situation, difficulties and future prospects of AI empowerment, and promote the transformation of traditional industries in the intelligent era.

Another obvious trend is that AI technology is facing important challenges from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence, from big data learning to small sample learning, and from special intelligence to general intelligence. At the same time, the trend of the integration of artificial intelligence with 5g, edge computing, blockchain and other emerging technologies is more and more obvious. The science frontier forum, which is the focus of this conference, will invite top international scholars to explore the next breakthrough direction of AI. At the same time, it will set up forums such as cognitive intelligence, 5g + AI, edge computing and blockchain + AI to explore the future prospects of technology integration and transformation application.

Keep watch and help each other and build a home together. What kind of AI “Shanghai plan” will this conference provide for global governance? The “smart bigwigs” gathered in the cloud will give answers at the 2020 world AI conference.

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