Tianneng Releases T9-MAX Electrode Graphene Battery

Tianneng officially released the technology-based lead-electric product – T9-MAX polar electric graphene battery. As the first power battery for electric bicycles equipped with Paoda's durable core technology system, the T9-MAX polar electric graphene battery has excellent performance in terms of battery life, service life, power and low temperature resistance, and will fully meet the needs of daily commuting, real-time The application requirements of various scenarios such as distribution.

Under the new normal of lead and lithium parallel, based on its strong strength in technology, equipment and systems, and digitalization, Tianneng has continued to invest, cultivate and meticulously, and jointly build a new travel ecology with the upstream and downstream of the industry chain.

Lead-based electricity is still one of the main choices for users in the travel field due to its advantages in stability, but compared with the high market popularity, lead-based electricity is facing the difficulty of breaking through at the technical level.

Tianneng lead battery research and development team took a year to develop a durable core technology system of Paoda, which is vehicle-grade, and successfully applied to lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles and bicycles. The T9-MAX polar electric graphene battery adopts the energy slow release technology to prolong the service life. Relying on the dense multi-dimensional network active material structure and the high-elasticity and large-capacity AGM separator, the battery capacity increases with the number of uses.

In order to improve the cruising range and low temperature resistance performance, the five-connected intelligent manufacturing technology is adopted. Through continuous casting, continuous bonding, continuous punching, continuous coating and continuous cutting, the corrosion resistance and consistency of the battery are comprehensively strengthened, and the battery life and low temperature operation are guaranteed. Outstanding performance.

In strengthening the power output, the nano-carbon fiber preparation technology is applied. With the high strength and good electrical and thermal conductivity of the nano-carbon fiber, the electrical conductivity of the battery core and the active material in the battery core is enhanced, so as to highlight the power performance of the battery in actual operation. .

Samsung releases three new TV series

Samsung announced the release of three new TV series of Samsung MICRO LED, Neo QLED and Samsung Lifestyle "Free Home" at the 2022 CES. The new products provide more screen size options, personalized accessories and a new and upgraded interface while improving picture quality and sound quality. Bringing Samsung's vision of "Screens Everywhere, Screens for All" closer to reality with lifelike graphics, an immersive sound experience and a hyper-personal choice of accessories.

As Samsung's most advanced TV products, Samsung MICRO LED has excellent picture quality performance, through 25 million micron-sized LED light source to generate light and color respectively, showing amazing depth, vivid color and higher definition and contrast, Create stunning immersive experiences. At the 2022 CES show, Samsung will launch Samsung MICRO LED products in three sizes: 110 inches, 101 inches and 89 inches.

In addition to hardware innovations, the 2022 Samsung MICRO LED also supports 20-bit grayscale depth. This means that through the Samsung MICRO LED model, the screen can accurately restore every detail in the picture, and through precise control of more than 1 million levels of brightness and color, it brings a true HDR ultra-high-definition experience. The 2022 Samsung MICRO LED also supports a wide color gamut color rendering volume, presenting lifelike color effects. Samsung MICRO LED achieves immersive design with ultra-high screen-to-body ratio, bringing revolutionary performance.

Thanks to the optimization and upgrade of the Neo quantum dot processor in terms of picture quality and sound processing, the 2022 Neo QLED will provide users with more realistic picture quality presentation and immersive sound effects. This year's Neo quantum dot processor introduces advanced contrast mapping with BLU (backlight unit), which can achieve more precise control of quantum dot MiniLED light source, and the brightness level is increased from the original 12-bit gradient to 14-bit gradient, while the brightness The adaptation range has been increased from the original 4096 steps to 4 times the level, reaching 16384 steps.

The new shape-adaptive light technology utilizes the Neo quantum dot processor to analyze lines, shapes and surfaces to precisely control the shape from the quantum dot Mini LED light source, improving the brightness and accuracy of all shapes on the screen. This will enable the product to display full HDR content with excellent image quality. The 2022 Neo QLED is also equipped with a multi-intelligent image quality algorithm Real Depth Enhancer, which creates a sense of depth by comparing objects on the screen with the background, so as to achieve a vivid and realistic picture effect.

In addition, the 2022 Neo QLED also offers an eye protection mode that automatically adjusts the screen brightness and hue based on the built-in light sensor and sunrise and sunset information. As ambient light changes, the screen will gradually reduce the amount of light and provide warmer tones, adjusting blue light levels accordingly. By reducing blue light that can affect sleep quality, users can have a more comfortable viewing experience at night.
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