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Embedded world 2022, the world’s largest embedded exhibition, restarted its offline display after the outbreak in 2020 and kicked off in Nuremberg on June 21, German local time. As a barometer of the economic development of the global embedded electronics industry and the industrial development trend of the EU, the EW exhibition attracted the active participation of many well-known manufacturers around the world. Tianma microelectronics, the world’s leading enterprise in the display field, also returned to overseas offline display activities two years later, and made a strong appearance in EW with many forward-looking display solutions, showing the innovative achievements in micro led, mini led, AM-OLED and other fields in an all-round way, as well as the one-stop solutions in the fields of intelligent cockpit and industrial control.

accumulate steadily

Tianma micro LED technology ecology comes into being

Micro led, as the next generation display technology, is highly expected by the industry. This technology has many technical advantages, such as high brightness, high contrast, high resolution, high color saturation, low power consumption, low delay, high transparency, seamless splicing, long service life and so on. It has a wide application prospect in the future. Tianma is also actively laying out micro led field. It has developed 7.56 “high transparency products with transparency >60%, multi screen seamless splicing products with 5.04” as splicing unit, and flexible external bending products with 7.56 “bending radius of 50mm.

Collapse your imagination

——7.56 “flexible micro LED display

Flexible micro LED display adopts PI substrate and flexible packaging method, which is compatible with inner bending and outer bending. Tianma has developed the world’s first micro LED display with inner bending radius of 5mm! The 7.56 “flexible micro led outward curved display displayed in this exhibition has a resolution of 720*480 and can reach 114 PPI. The display performance is comparable to that of OLED. It can be used in vehicle display and other fields.

Infinite splicing reverie

——5.04 “seamless micro LED display

The world’s highest PPI micro led splicing display unit! The single screen resolution is 480*320, and the pixel spacing is 222um. The high-precision cutting technology and integrated packaging can realize the display of seams close to 0, and can also realize 2*n infinite splicing, bringing infinite future splicing experience. This time, the form of short edge matching is shown.

See (present) future

——7.56 “transparent micro LED display

The transparent micro LED display with transparency up to 60% has higher stability and longer service life. It is suitable for vehicle mounted head up display applications. This product has won a number of global display innovation technology awards. At present, Tianma has developed products with transparency of more than 70%, and its technical level has reached the world’s leading level.

Tianma has actively cooperated with the upstream and downstream industrial chains of micro led, integrated industrial innovation resources, and led the establishment of micro led ecological alliance in 2021, aiming to promote the ecological combination of industrial chains, accelerate the commercialization of micro LED technology, and achieve win-win results with customers.

More than innovation

New breakthrough of Tianma Mini LED display technology

Mini LED display technology is widely used and has been applied to large screen HD display, such as monitoring and command, HD studio, high-end cinema, medical diagnosis, advertising display, office display, vr/ar and other subdivisions. Tianma actively invests in the research and development of mini LED display technology based on its years of experience in the display field. Mini led direct display products based on glass substrate have higher product stability and reliability, and also have obvious advantages in product life. In addition, Tianma has also made a new breakthrough in the research and development of borderless Mini LED display. It can use modular units to realize unlimited splicing of any size. Users can perform unlimited splicing according to the actual market environment.

Next generation innovation

——P0.47 Mini led am direct display

Article 7.5 “P0.47 Mini LED panel is a sub millimeter light-emitting diode display with a thickness of less than 0.5mm. It can realize zero border display at the top, bottom, left and right. Mini LED has high peak brightness and strong contrast, which not only has the normal advantages of OLED, such as low power consumption, uniform panel brightness and eye health protection, but also can be spliced into any size display because it is a mini led. The color gamut exceeds 115%, which can restore the display content to the maximum extent Body color. The contrast ratio is as high as 1000000:1, which is 1000 times higher than the standard products of the general specifications, and can perfectly display every detail of the screen.

Break through the shackles

Tianma defines the new form of diagnostic display screen with innovative technology

Large screen size is one of the mainstream trends of display screens in various fields. Under the 5g/aiot wave, as an important connection of human-computer interaction, the demand for display screens in smart factories, smart homes, smart healthcare and other fields is increasing. Tianma has been deeply engaged in the display field for many years with remarkable achievements, but has never stopped the pace of innovation, always keeping up with the market trend and actively responding to the needs of customers. Recently, it has launched innovative products with large screen display and a variety of medical imaging standards, providing unprecedented experience solutions for smart medicine.

Rolls Royce in medical display

——30.9 “12mc real 10bits medical display

This 30.9 “12mc medical image diagnostic display has an ultra-high resolution of 12million pixels (4200 × 2800), clearly showing the details of various lesions in medical images; The maximum brightness is up to 1200cd/ ㎡, forming a prominent sense of hierarchy through the comprehensive action of brightness and contrast, which is more conducive to the confirmation of the location of the focus; Real 10 bits high gray scale can express 1.07 billion colors (customers can customize higher gray scale), which makes the picture too smooth and delicate. On the one hand, it ensures that the high gray scale image can be completely presented to the doctor. In addition, it is also conducive to the diagnosis doctor to find the early lesion tissue with very small gray scale difference from the normal tissue, so that the lesion has no hiding place. At the same time, it can realize the non differential display of multiple images, with extraordinary performance, so that all images can be seen at a glance.

In addition to the above heavy new products, Tianma also displayed a full range of p/a display solutions required at different levels in the industrial field, as well as new technology products in the field of vehicle mounted and mobile intelligent terminals. For detailed solutions of smart industry, smart home and smart car, welcome to Tianma booth!

As an innovative high-tech enterprise, Tianma has been deeply involved in the display field for 39 years, and is determined to surpass the leading position and drive development with innovation. In the future, Tianma will continue to maintain high morale and forge ahead, and contribute solid strength to the sustainable development of the global new display industry!

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