Artificial intelligence is an important driving force for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, with a strong “head goose” effect. The recent meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee stressed that the construction of traditional infrastructure and new infrastructure such as 5g and artificial intelligence should be accelerated. This year’s government work report proposed to develop industrial Internet, promote intelligent manufacturing and cultivate emerging industrial clusters.

In recent years, Tianjin has seized the development opportunity of artificial intelligence industry and “prospered with meetings”. By holding three world intelligence conferences, Tianjin has accelerated the planning of the strategic layout of “big intelligence”, promoted the implementation of a large number of projects and launched a new blue ocean of artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence industry event on the cloud is about to start again. The cloud summit of the fourth world intelligence conference, jointly sponsored by the national development and Reform Commission and other eight departments and the Tianjin municipal government, was held in Tianjin. The latest scientific and technological achievements and industry leaders will gather at the summit to carry out “brainstorming” to help the artificial intelligence industry break the waves.

At the first world intelligence conference, Tianjin issued the implementation opinions on vigorously developing intelligent technology industry, promoting the development of intelligent economy and building an intelligent society, the overall action plan for accelerating the development of intelligent technology industry and ten special action plans such as intelligent manufacturing and intelligent agriculture, forming a “1 + 10” scheme system.

Over the past few years, a large number of artificial intelligence projects have accelerated to Jinmen. Zhou Shengxi, chief economist of Tianjin Bureau of industry and information technology, introduced that since 2017, 200 cooperation agreements have been signed at the three World Smart conferences, with a cumulative investment of 261 billion yuan. The effectiveness of the smart conference is showing.

Diagnostic instruments that can feel pulse, electronic fish that can swim, robots that can dance, rice transplanters that can cultivate… Scientific and technological products at previous intelligent conferences are integrating into people’s lives. In the laboratory of the medical department of Tianjin University, with the help of the “brain speaker” chip, the limbs of volunteers move with the “heart” under the command of the artificial neural rehabilitation robot. “The ‘brain Whisperer’ chip was released at the third world intelligence conference. We are accelerating the research and application of the chip, and it will become a blessing for paralyzed patients in the future,” Chen long, an assistant professor of the Department of medicine of Tianjin University, told reporters.

Tianjin speeds up the construction of traditional infrastructure and new infrastructure such as 5g and artificial intelligence

At the second world intelligence conference, ziguangyun “joined hands” with Tianjin and settled the national headquarters in Tianjin Binhai high tech Zone. Today, the headquarters project with a total investment of 12 billion yuan has covered core sectors such as R & D center and central node, and is actively participating in the construction of “urban brain” in Tianjin. “The world intelligence conference is of positive significance for promoting the research and application of a new generation of information technology. It is believed that Ziguang’s technical products in the fields of smart city and intelligent security will serve Tianjin more widely,” said Zhao Weiguo, chairman and CEO of Ziguang group. At present, Tianjin Binhai New Area and Ziguang cloud have successfully built a “1 + 4 + n” new smart city system, realizing “big data perceives the city with one map”, “big platform and one network benefit people’s livelihood” and “big operation and one chain service industry”.

“Through the smart conference platform, we have also introduced TCL North headquarters, Gome intelligence, iFLYTEK, CETC new material Park, Haier Industrial Internet platform, JD smart logistics R & D and manufacturing base and other projects to settle in Tianjin. Their growth and development is becoming a new highlight of smart manufacturing in Tianjin,” said Yin Jihui, director of Tianjin Bureau of industry and information technology. With the promotion of the intelligent conference platform, the number of intelligent manufacturing enterprises in Tianjin has accounted for 20% of the total number of industries above designated size.

With the implementation of intelligent projects, Tianjin has specially set up a 10 billion yuan special fund for intelligent manufacturing to enable and upgrade the manufacturing industry in terms of all elements, whole process, whole industry chain and whole life cycle. Over the past two years, Tianjin has supported four batches of 911 intelligent transformation projects, arranged a financial fund of 3.62 billion yuan, built high-quality and multi field intelligent factories and digital workshops, and promoted industrial transformation and upgrading. By the end of 2019, Tianjin has built 60 intelligent factories and 100 digital workshops.

Visual inspection, sensors, automatic detection system… In Tianjin Wuqing, Tianjin commercial compressor factory of Danfoss, a multinational industrial group from Denmark, has complete intelligent equipment. Over the past two years, Danfoss Tianjin commercial compressor factory has obtained more than 3 million yuan of special support for intelligent manufacturing, all of which are used to purchase automation equipment. Shi Jun, vice president of Danfoss China, said, “with the help of intelligent equipment, our R & D cycle can be shortened by half. Over the past two years, the production efficiency has been improved by 30% and the unqualified rate of products has decreased by 57%”.

At present, Tianjin has developed 80 5g application scenarios in vertical industries such as intelligent manufacturing, smart city, smart education, smart medical treatment and smart media. “We will continue to attract more high-quality projects to settle in Tianjin, promote 5g application and industrial development, and accelerate the building of a national first-class 5g city and a new highland of intelligent manufacturing,” Yin Jihui said.

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