The frontier trend of power management

We are committed to breaking through power constraints: developing new processes, packaging and circuit design technologies to provide high performance devices for your applications. Whether you need to improve power density, extend battery life, reduce electromagnetic interference, maintain power and signal integrity, or maintain safety at high voltage, we are committed to helping you solve the power management challenges. Texas Instruments (TI): partner with you to promote the further development of power supply.

1 power density:Improve the power density to achieve more power in a smaller space, so as to enhance the system function with lower system cost

2. Low IQAt the same time, the quiescent current is reduced to prolong the battery life and shelf life without affecting the system performance

3 low EMI:Minimize interference to reduce system cost and quickly meet EMI standards

4. Low noise and high precisionEnhance power and signal integrity to improve system level protection

5 isolation:Signal and / or power are transmitted through high voltage barriers to improve safety and reliability at higher operating voltages

power density

In a smaller space to achieve greater power, so as to enhance the system function with lower system cost

With more and more requirements for power supply, the area and thickness of circuit board are increasingly becoming the limiting factors. Power supply designers must integrate more circuits into their applications in order to achieve product differentiation, improve efficiency and enhance thermal performance. Using TI’s advanced technology, packaging and circuit design technology, it can achieve higher power level with smaller size.

The device produces less heat

Industry advanced power processing node voltage less than 100V

The 600V Gan device can provide excellent switching performance and thermal image of the effect of efficiency improvement on temperature rise.

Compare the thermal images of the effect of efficiency improvement on temperature rise.

Thermal package

• HotRod ™ encapsulation

Enhanced hotrod QFN package supporting thermal pad

Hotrodtm package not only saves bonding wire, but also maintains excellent thermal performance.

Topologies and circuits support smaller passive components

· multilevel converter topology

Advanced power stage gate drivers support multilevel topologies with smaller magnetic components.

Multi level topology supporting smaller magnetic components.

Through integration, the parasitic effect can be minimized and the space occupied by the system can be reduced

Microsip 3D module integration

· Gan and driver multi chip module (MCM) with low loop inductance

Microsip package supports 3D integration.

Key product categories of power density: Battery Charger IC, buck boost and inverse regulator, Gan IC, isolated bias power supply, isolated gate driver, LED driver, linear regulator (LDO), multi-channel IC (PMIC), off-line and isolated DC / DC controller and converter, power switch, buck regulator, boost regulator, USB type-C and USB type-c Power Delivery IC

Gan + gate driver MCM can reduce parasitic effect and improve power density.

Low quiescent current (IQ)

It can prolong the battery life and storage time without affecting the system performance

In the battery powered system, in order to achieve high efficiency under the condition of no-load or light load, the power supply solution needs to strictly adjust the output while maintaining ultra-low power supply current. With TI’s ultra-low IQ technology and product portfolio, you can achieve low power consumption and maximize battery life in your next design.

Low standby power consumption

Ultra low leakage components and new control topology are used to prolong the battery operation time

Fast wake-up and low standby power consumption.

Fast response time

The system function is enhanced by fast wake-up circuit and adaptive bias to improve dynamic response time while maintaining ultra-low static power consumption

Compared with similar products, TI products have ultra-low IQ and excellent transient response.

Main product categories requiring low IQ characteristics: Battery Charger IC, step-down / step-up and inverse voltage regulator, linear voltage regulator (LDO), power switch, series voltage reference, parallel voltage reference, step-down voltage regulator, step-up voltage regulator, monitor and reset IC

S small

With the help of TI’s patented circuit technology, the die size and package size can support the application without affecting the static power consumption

It doesn’t affect the ultra small package of IQ.


Reduce system cost and meet EMI standard quickly by reducing radiation emission

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is an increasingly important key factor in electronic systems, especially in new applications such as automotive and industrial applications. Low EMI design can significantly shorten the development cycle for you, while reducing circuit board area and solution cost. Ti can provide a variety of functions and technologies to reduce EMI in all relevant frequency bands.

Reduce filter size and cost

Use TI’s advanced spread spectrum technology to reduce the impact of EMI

Advanced EMI mitigation technology can reduce the size of passive filter.

Reduce design time and complexity

Low inductance package, capacitor integration and advanced grid driver technology are used to fundamentally reduce the radiation emission from the source

The radiated noise is reduced by the integration of high frequency capacitors in the package.

Main product categories requiring low EMI characteristics: Buck / boost and inverse voltage regulators, isolated bias power supply, multi-channel IC (PMIC), Buck voltage regulators, boost voltage regulators

Low noise and high precision

To enhance the integrity of power supply and signal to improve the system level protection and accuracy, the ability of monitoring, adjusting and processing signals in power supply chain is very important to maximize the performance and reliability of the system. High precision system needs accurate low noise reference voltage and low noise and low ripple power rail. Ti uses special process components, advanced circuits and test techniques to improve accuracy and minimize distortion.

Reducing IC error sources

Low noise complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) process highly optimized by Ti is used to reduce the non ideal factors of the process

Use advanced circuit and test technology to reduce the influence of process non ideal factors

Noise and frequency curves.

Advanced technologies such as ceramic packaging and circuit board stress management are adopted to adjust the stress of devices and circuit boards.

Adjust device and circuit board stress.

System noise reduction

Technology advances support higher system level anti-interference and anti noise performance through high PSRR, LDO and on-chip filtering

High PSRR can achieve better filtering and lower output noise.

Main product categories requiring low noise and high precision features: Battery Monitor and balancer, linear regulator (LDO), multichannel IC (PMIC), series voltage reference, parallel voltage reference, monitor and reset IC


Improve safety by achieving higher operating voltage and reliability

Isolation is designed to provide reliable protection in case of dangerous high voltage. Electrical isolation can isolate the two power supply areas, so that the power or signal can be transmitted through the barrier without affecting personal safety. At the same time, it can prevent the ground potential difference and improve the anti noise performance. Ti’s isolation technology and product mix not only do not affect the performance, but also exceed the requirements of VDA, CSA and UL.

Transmission signal

Through high-quality isolation technology, low delay data transmission and excellent common mode transient immunity (CMTI), the robustness and reliability of the system are improved, and SiO2 isolation capacitor is used to transmit signals.

SiO2 isolation capacitor is used to transmit signal.

Power transmission

● reduce thermal load and simplify EMI compliance by integrating high voltage isolation elements required to transmit power in a single package

Efficient power transmission and EMI reduction through Integrated transformers.

Key product categories: Digital Isolator, isolated ADC, isolated amplifier, isolated interface, isolated bias power supply, isolated gate driver

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