Integrated real-time control enables engineers to start BLDC motors in 10 minutes, while reducing motor system noise and reducing size by 70%

Beijing (September 8, 2021) – Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ Code: TxN) today launched the industry’s advanced 70W brushless DC (BLDC) motor driver to provide sensorless trapezoidal and field oriented control (FOC) without programming. The newly released device enables engineers to start BLDC motors in 10 minutes, reducing the design time of several weeks for engineers to design various industrial systems (such as large and small household appliances) and medical applications (such as ventilator and continuous positive airway pressure ventilation machine). By integrating real-time control functions and up to 18 discrete components including MOSFETs, the new driver speeds up the system response, reduces the layout space by up to 70%, and provides excellent acoustic performance. For more information, refer to mcf8316a and mct8316a.

Noman Akhtar, senior research analyst at omdia, said: “Due to various trends such as power efficiency improvement and automation, as well as the demand for designing lower noise motors, people’s demand for real-time motor control is more urgent than ever. More and more industrial systems are transitioning from AC induction motors to more energy-saving BLDC motors, but complex hardware and optimized software design are required to provide high performance. Meet the needs of designers Shortening the overall design cycle while accelerating the response of the motor to the demand will be an important step forward for the development of the next generation industrial system. “

Use sensorless motor control without programming to shorten the design time

Mcf8316a and mct8316a brushless DC motor drives include a series of unique commutation control algorithms without developing, maintaining and verifying motor control software, thus reducing the design time of several weeks. These algorithms and highly integrated features can make the motor driver better manage the key functions such as motor fault detection, and implement the protection mechanism, so as to improve the system reliability. These motor drivers integrate sensorless technology to determine the rotor position, so there is no need for external Hall sensors, which reduces the system cost and improves the reliability.

In addition, the mcf8316a sensorless field oriented control motor driver can intelligently extract motor parameters, enabling designers to quickly tune the motor and provide consistent system performance without being affected by motor manufacturing differences. Through mct8316a sensorless trapezoidal control motor driver, designers can tune the motor with only five hardware pins. Since no microcontroller interface is required, the system can be simplified. Read the technical article “3 ways to accelerate the design cycle using brushless DC motor” for more information.

Excellent acoustic performance

Mcf8316a and mct8316a BLDC motor drivers provide advanced real-time control functions to help engineers achieve industry excellent acoustic performance in applications such as air purifiers, refrigerators, washing machines and fans. Mcf8316a includes a patented precision automatic dead time compensation technology to compensate current distortion and enable engineers to optimize motor acoustic performance. Mct8316a includes different ladder control technologies, which can be used by designers to reduce motor noise. Read the application manual how to use sensorless BLDC motor drivers without programming to reduce motor noise, and learn how engineers can use these devices to achieve excellent acoustic performance in electrical design.

Using real-time control to speed up system response

The mct8316a sensorless trapezoidal control motor driver can achieve a maximum motor frequency of 3.5khz, which is faster than any other sensorless motor driver without programming. This speeds up the system response in applications such as sweeping robots that require fast and accurate motor control.

Mct8316a and mcf8316a are also advanced products in the industry. They can provide a fast and controlled way to actively reduce the motor speed, so that engineers can shut down the motor 50% faster than traditional motor control technology. In addition, these devices can selectively pump energy back to the power rail when the motor is shut down, so as to protect the system from damage.

Reduce layout space by up to 70%

Mcf8316a and mct8316a can reduce the layout space by up to 70% and reduce the total cost of motor system. These devices integrate three gate drivers and six high side and low side MOSFETs, each with a 50 m Ω on resistance (RDS (on)). This enables ti’s advanced BLDC motor driver to provide up to 70W power and 8A peak current in 12V and 24V systems. These motor drivers also integrate components such as low voltage drop (LDO) regulators, DC / DC step-down regulators and current detection amplifiers, eliminating up to 18 discrete components.

Packaging and supply is specially used for 40 pin 5mm × Pre production versions mcf8316a and mct8316a in 7mm QFN package. also provides a variety of payment methods and delivery methods.

Via Ti live! Tech Exchange Watch Product Demo

Ti will be on Ti live! Mcf8316a and mct8316a were displayed during Tech Exchange (September 27-29, 2021). During the event, Ti experts will discuss real-time control, visual sensing, automotive and power management design trends in a series of keynote speeches, round table discussions, technical seminars and product demonstrations. For more information, visit

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