The merger will introduce narrowband cellular and ultra wideband technologies to improve the connection solutions of STMicroelectronics.

China, July 20, 2020 – STMicroelectronics (st; NYSE: STM), the world’s leading semiconductor supplier across multiple electronic applications, recently announced the signing of two merger and acquisition agreements to acquire all the equity of bespon, a professional design company of ultra wideband technology, and the cellular Internet of things connection assets of Rio micro. After completing the normal regulatory approval procedures for the two transactions, STM32 will further improve its services in wireless connection technology, especially the product planning of STM32 microcontroller and security microcontroller.

Besoon, founded in 2010 in Le Bourget du Lac, France, is a fabless semiconductor design company specializing in ultra wideband (UWB) communication technology. Using the company’s technology, we can achieve centimeter level accuracy of safe real-time indoor positioning in adverse conditions. Integrating this important security positioning technology into STM32 product portfolio will enable developers of Internet of things, automobile and mobile communication applications to provide security access control and accurate indoor and outdoor map services. STMicroelectronics will acquire the company’s shares from TRUMPF, bespon’s majority shareholder, and the company’s founder. In addition to the deal itself, STMicroelectronics will also establish a strategic partnership with TRUMPF in UWB tracking technology.

Riot micro is a cellular Internet of things solution development company in Vancouver, Canada. It provides market proven low-power Bluetooth (ble), Wi Fi, LTE cat-m and Nb IOT technologies to optimize system cost and power consumption. The integration of cellular communication in STM32 product portfolio will enhance the product functions provided by STM32 for application developers such as asset tracking, metering and fleet management services.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Claude dardanne, President of MCU and digital IC products division (MDG), said: “we are committed to working with our customers to seize the opportunities, overcome the challenges and provide the products and solutions we need. Cellular Internet of things (IOT) and ultra wideband (UWB) technologies are the key wireless connection solutions that will trigger the next wave of IOT products and innovative applications. These two acquisitions can improve the existing wireless microcontroller product portfolio of STMicroelectronics, including Bluetooth 5.0 and IEEE 802.15.4 communication protocols, as well as the world’s first system on chip (SOC) with Lora function. Wireless microcontrollers belong to our STM32 product family. Our STM32 series has more than 1000 products, and the shipment volume has exceeded 6 billion. Through the new acquisition, our products will cover all wireless Internet of things communication protocols. “

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