The Entrepreneur Summit of China’s electronic information industry, CO sponsored by the Ministry of industry and information technology and Shenzhen Municipal People’s government and co sponsored by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, China Electronics newspaper, China Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen flat panel display industry association, was held in Shenzhen. Xu Li, co-founder and CEO of Shangtang technology, delivered a speech entitled “5g opens a new era of AI”. Xu Li said in his speech that AI and 5g complement each other. AI technology brings 5g applications, and 5g helps AI expand a new stage.

Xu Li said that 5g has the potential to promote AI development for three reasons. First of all, 5g will inject a booster into augmented reality and upgrade the interaction mode between man and machine, which will provide a core driving force for the development of the Internet. “For example, the emergence of Apple mobile phone promotes multi touch screen technology, which promotes various new technologies. 5g will also promote the development of 5g. 5g will strengthen augmented reality, and most of the core technologies of augmented reality are closely related to AI and big data.” Xu Li said in his speech.

Three reasons why 5g technology promotes the development of AI industry

Secondly, Xu Li said that 5g will bring a lot of content transmission. Large capacity and high bandwidth are the hot spots of the future society, which makes 5g help AI generate content. After AI generates content, 5g has become the basis for sharing. In the future, after the delay of content transmission is solved by 5g, people only need to act as a director to complete the work very conveniently.

Finally, Xu Li believes that the role of 5g in promoting AI is also related to business. “In the future, 5g may turn all kinds of terminals into your terminals. For example, all kinds of screens on the road may become your mobile phone screens. People can virtualize everything. Online and offline products will be connected to the big data ecology with a unified cloud connectivity model. Future businesses, precision marketing, intelligent assistants, including face payment, will be integrated Structured and data-based. Everything will become the core, but it needs high traffic and technology. I believe this must be the future we can see, “Xu said.

What will Shangtang technology do in this? Xu Li said that Shangtang technology will increase investment in three parts in the future. First, the core power of the visual part continues. Shangtang technology, which undertakes the task of jointly building intelligent vision and a new generation of national artificial intelligence open platform, will enable three types of visual cameras. The three visual cameras are mobile terminal camera, non mobile terminal camera and remote sensing satellite data camera. Secondly, Shangtang technology will also strive to open up the integration of industry, University and research, strive to link well-known universities together, open up academic exchanges, and promote the iteration and development of the industry with academia.

“Using AI to promote the development of basic education is what we are doing. Shangtang technology released the foundation of artificial intelligence (Senior High School Edition) last year to promote the popularization of artificial intelligence education. Only when children really establish a thinking mode can they produce super productivity, enrich solutions and improve their ability to solve problems,” Xu said.

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