As we all know, Apple’s iphonex series phones from 2017 to 2018. Whether it’s last year’s iphonex or this year’s three new iPhones, the most distinctive feature is that it abandons the skill of fingerprint unlocking.

We all know that since iphone5s Apple integrated the front home key with fingerprint unlocking, fingerprint unlocking has become the norm in the industry, just like mobile phones without fingerprint unlocking will appear strange. However, the fingerprint unlocking began to be removed by apple, and even iphonexr was launched to iterate the digital series. Why?

I think there are three main reasons. First: because the iphonex series adopts an 18:9 comprehensive screen appearance, and then integrates a home key at the bottom of the screen, the planning concept will be significantly reduced, and the rear fingerprint will affect the beauty of the fuselage too much, so in this regard, the home key fingerprint unlock will no longer exist.

The second aspect is that without fingerprint unlocking, Apple has a more advanced face recognition unlocking plan. In fact, Apple’s faceid skill is completely different from Android’s full screen face unlocking. It belongs to 3D original depth camera, deployment of infrared camera, dot matrix projector and algorithm induction and discrimination. Compared with Android’s 2D algorithm unlocking, apple is more mature in skills and much higher in security. This is why Apple has the courage to use this new skill.

In the end, it is because the planning concept of Apple’s iphonex series mobile phones is “future mobile phones”. It will make more rapid progress in both appearance and skills. It is undoubtedly right to boldly abandon existing old skills. Only in this way can it be the posture of a career leader and promote the progress of the whole career.

So, dear friends, what do you think is the reason why Apple no longer uses fingerprint unlocking? Let’s comment together!

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