The emergence of LED lighting products has brought revolutionary changes to the lighting industry, its importance is second only to the invention of incandescent lamp. Today, no matter the price or the quality, its large-scale application has no obstacle. In terms of indoor lighting, there are now many series of bulb lamp, fluorescent lamp, ceiling lamp, downlight, ceiling lamp, panel lamp, track lamp, spotlight, etc.

LED lighting products are composed of all electronic components. Two important components driving power supply plus LED lamp beads are electronic components and structural parts. The processing technology of electronic components is now very mature, so LED lighting products can be easily assembled at will, and there is no special gap between large companies and small companies. Based on the characteristics of LED lighting products, I think of three problems of LED lighting products: first, the interface scheme; second, the technical indicators must be marked; third, the characteristics of LED lighting products will also affect the sales form, and there will be supermarket led stores.

Interface of LED lighting products

LED lamps with built-in power supply have only one external interface as a whole, such as E27, E14, E40, B22 and so on. These interfaces are the interfaces of early incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps that are still used. The input voltage is the grid voltage, which can directly replace incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. Ordinary customers can replace them without problems. In addition, for example, panel lamp, ceiling lamp, ceiling lamp, etc. are integrated with lamps and light sources. The structure of such lamps has the integration of power supply and lamps, external only power input lines, and driving and light source lamps are separated. Such a lamp forms two interfaces, one is the interface of LED light source and driving power supply, the other is the interface of driving power supply and input power grid. Now these interfaces are the same as those of the previous lighting fixtures, some of which are selected by the manufacturers themselves. In particular, the LED fluorescent lamps in the market, especially the T8 tube, use the bracket of ordinary fluorescent lamps. One type is to connect two ends to the mains, one end is the zero line, the other end is the live line. One is to connect one end to the mains, one end has two legs, one is the zero line, the other is the live line, and the other end is vacant. Imagine that if the single LED fluorescent lamp is damaged, and the customer just bought the double LED lighting product tube replacement, there will be problems.

At present, the two terminals of the single end of the double end LED fluorescent tube are connected. If the bracket of the single end LED fluorescent lamp is connected, it will be short circuited immediately. People with a little knowledge of electricity will understand the seriousness of the short circuit of mains power. Soon the manufacturers of single ended LED fluorescent lamps will pay for the inconsistency between their aesthetic habits and the public. Because of the particularity of LED lighting products, the interface standards of previous lamps can not meet the needs of existing lamps. At the same time, because of the safety problems, it is necessary to make a restriction on the LED lighting products that use the access mode of existing lamps. What needs to be done urgently is restriction, which is necessary for the safety of the interface. In addition to security issues, manufacturers are free to play, and slowly explore suitable interfaces and access methods.

Technical index marking of LED products

Today’s LED lighting products are not what should be done to meet the standards, it is important to meet the safety standards, in addition to what led product indicators. Lighting requirements for different occasions are different. Reading lighting and road lighting are different. Office lighting and aisle lighting are also different. Take the life of LED whole lamp as an example, for example, many local lighting lamps and lanterns such as corridor, mirror front, toilet, etc. have a very short use time every day. It should be said that those with a failure time of 2000 thousand hours can meet the demand. And many home lighting does not exceed 4 hours a day, 1500 hours a year. It should be said that 8000 hours of invalid lights are enough. Replacing LED lighting products in four years will definitely have higher light efficiency. Some factories, offices and commercial lighting need more than 14 hours a day, 5000 hours a year, so the life of the lamp will reach more than 20000 hours, and the minimum will exceed 15000 hours. Another example is the 24-hour use of underground parking garage, which is 9000 hours a year. The longer the lamp life is, the better. The LED lamps with 50000 hours of failure should be the ideal value. In addition, different occasions have specific requirements for color temperature, color rendering index, etc., which are not described here.

The technical indexes of lamps with different failure times and in different occasions are different, the schemes used are different, and the costs should be very different. It should also be the development direction of LED lighting products to define the lamps used in different occasions. The common indicators of LED lighting products should be interface, input voltage, power, luminous flux, color temperature, failure time, color rendering index. Mark these indicators clearly, it will be convenient for customers to choose products better, and the manufacturers’ products that can be achieved will have stronger competitiveness.

The influence of technical characteristics of LED lighting products on Marketing

The technical requirements for the production of LED whole lamps are not high, the investment is not large, and the rapid expansion of the market leads to the rapid expansion of manufacturers, but the product and technical innovation is a big short board, leading to serious homogenization of products. It is a wrong idea that upstream enterprises focus on marketing and product competition on price competition. Healthy channels + products with good quality and low price can definitely open the market. The truth is simple and clear, but the actual operation needs to be quantified. The development process from direction to quantity is to test the wisdom of operators.

In terms of LED products themselves, from appearance to structure, even technical solutions can be easily combined, which leads to product diversity. In the future, the LED industry may form a state of separation of production, R & D and sales. In addition to the existing sales mode, the market of LED lighting products may have supermarket LED lighting product stores. The variety of LED lighting products is rich, which is enough to support the operation of a market in the corresponding areas.

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