Not long ago, China Telecom and China Unicom completed the joint centralized procurement of the construction project of 5g message system (RCS), which should have been completed last year. ZTE and Huawei became the main equipment suppliers of 5g message system. As early as last August, China Mobile has completed equipment procurement. This means that the current network deployment of 5g message service of the three operators has been in full swing. From the three operators jointly released the 5g news white paper last year to the current network deployment of 5g news, 5g news is getting closer and closer to formal business. Can 5g news be recognized by the market? What services will become the main applications of 5g messages? These problems have always been with us.

How to build 5g message architecture

On April 8, 2020, three basic telecom operators jointly released the white paper on 5g news. Previously, there was no name of 5g message, but RCS (rich media information) of more “technology flow”. After unifying the name, 5g message becomes the new starting point of next generation message.

Du Chengxin, general manager of 5g message operation Department of China telecom value added center, once described the end-to-end implementation of 5g message: “5g message originates from the terminal, and the terminal manufacturer should upgrade the original SMS module to become a message module. In fact, the whole 5g message module is to realize the pre installation or replacement of SDK, which is the core and essential part of 5g message, It is also the key to interact with users and drive their business. ” Over the years, the app and even the operating system of smart phones have developed rapidly, but the SMS module has not been substantially improved in the past two decades. 5g message is the intelligent upgrade of the original SMS module, which has epoch-making significance for operators.

After the 5g message is uploaded from the terminal, it comes to the middle layer, which belongs to the access and exchange layer of 5g message, including rcs-as and IMS. The equipment is mainly supported by traditional communication equipment enterprises such as Huawei and ZTE.

Moving up from the 5g message platform is the MAAP (message as a service) platform. On the MAAP platform, there are both ZTE, Huawei and other enterprises as support, as well as the self-developed part of operators. The procurement of operators is aimed at 5g message platform and MAAP platform.

Three possibilities of 5g news in the future

On top of the MAAP (message as a service) platform, it is sp (service provider), which is called chatbotsp in 5g messages“ This is an upgrade to the traditional SP, and this part is also the most active part of 5g messages in the future, because after the introduction of Chatbot, the industry chain has added the function of interaction with users. Whether it’s the traditional message distribution and push, or the bill, service and notice, there can be interaction function to improve the service experience. ” Du Chengxin said.

From the software point of view, when the terminal upgrades the SDK, it involves the changes of UI interface, including contacts, messages, keyboard functions, etc; In the core layer of 5g message, we need to upgrade the protocol stack, including improving the audio and video processing ability.

“The above 5g message architecture is mainly for commercial applications, and another is personal to personal 5g messages. Besides traditional text, personal SMS can also transmit pictures, videos and voice, which can be compatible with larger videos and higher definition photos.” Du Chengxin said, “in addition, it also includes all kinds of files, such as word, PDF, Excel, etc., which can be transmitted through 5g message at any time. It is consistent with wechat experience, and there will be location sharing. Therefore, in the 5g message era, personal SMS will have a great upgrade experience.”

At present, it is still in the period of business exploration

How will a 2B 5g message be applied in the future? China Mobile, which has been experimented in many cities, has some early exploration. Wu Huazhi, deputy general manager of integrated communication division of China Mobile Internet Co., Ltd., believes that 5g message can be applied in mobile office.

“In our work, the most important thing we receive is notice. Let’s go to work, or submit work orders and documents. It used to be done on the computer, but now it can be simpler. Open the app on the mobile phone. Many of these apps are the entrance of office applications, and click to handle them often takes seven or eight steps.” Wu Huazhi said, “but in the whole process, because there are many office application entrances, task notification and office process are often separated. But with 5g messages, you can directly log in to the page to be operated through your mobile phone account, which can be completed quickly and simplify the process. “

Wu Huazhi believes that this process simplification is not only used in the office, but also in many scenarios that can be used in short messages. For example, in member services, a short message can inform users what member services they can receive, but the actual receiving rate is very low, because the notification and operation are separated. By using 5g message, users can see the member service at the same time, and can enter the member activity interface for operation by clicking the login free mobile account, which greatly improves the conversion rate.

China Mobile has also made a large-scale application of 5g message short message applet. During the epidemic period, local governments and communities need to inform individuals that the best way to contact them is by mobile phone number and SMS“ We directly link the application to users by means of short message app. Users can collect health programs and declare health programs. During the epidemic period, we provided health services to hundreds and thousands of communities in this way, which also received high praise. ” Wu Huazhi said. Last year, China Mobile has completed the 5g message upgrade in many provinces, and the click feedback rate of SMS applet has increased four times than that of traditional SMS.

5g news: three possibilities in the future

At present, the head industry users, including finance, insurance, securities and e-commerce, are still very interested in the development of 5g message, and find SP to develop some corresponding applications. In the future, a large number of small and medium-sized developers will pour into this ecosystem for application development.

Du Chengxin, general manager of 5g message operation Department of China Telecom Value-added center, said that 5g messages will bring more and more applications and use effects. On this basis, there are three possibilities for future 5g messages.

First, it is likely to become the largest AI intelligent application field in China. AI intelligent applications, including intelligent customer service, voice navigation, etc. In fact, the biggest application highlight of 5g message is the upgrade of traditional SMS. In addition to the upgrade of message distribution, the biggest upgrade is the upgrade of interactive experience, which is based on AI. When users send a picture, text or voice to 2B side, enterprises or institutions are bound to introduce various AI technologies for recognition and interaction. This interaction will be the personal experience of users for intelligent upgrading in the next decade or even longer.

Second, it may become the most convenient intelligent search service platform or service. In 5g message, Chatbot is a kind of search mode. After thousands or millions or tens of millions of enterprises register Chatbot in the application platform of operators, every enterprise can search keywords and enter Chatbot. This search will go into every Chatbot, and even further search will be carried out in Chatbot. So 5g message will be the most convenient or the richest intelligent search service experience.

Third, it may become the most abundant digital and information consumption platform. With convenient functions, including the support and authentication of users throughout the network, there will be great opportunities in the field of service consumption and information in the future.

“We predict that the business chain scale of 5g messages in the future will bring hundreds of billions of revenue to operators; If 5g message terminals are more popular and AI is more mature, it may reach a trillion level market in the future. ” Du Chengxin said.

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