Beijing, China, March 31, 2021 – following the seminar on the evolution and testing of high-speed interface pcie/usb/dp/tbt jointly held by tech, Anli and gel at the end of the year, three well-known enterprises in the industry started the 2021 high-speed interface joint testing forum tour seminar, which was recently held in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. The three joint seminars hope to become an industrial catalyst to help you successfully complete some processes on the innovation road. The on-site professional audience paid great attention and spoke highly of it.

The epidemic in 2020 has increased people’s dependence on network services and further accelerated the demand for data centers. The exchange rate of the data center has gradually changed from 100g to 400g/800g, which makes the processing core server and storage of the data center need to have higher performance to cope with the rapid growth of data.

The interfaces of the application server and the stored PCIe quickly switch to pcie4.0 after pcie3.0 has stagnated for a period of time. The test specification of pcie5.0 will be officially released soon. The specification of pcie6.0 based on higher rate is also being developed. At the same time, the rapid deployment of 5g network and the rise of more interconnection applications have further promoted the rapid improvement of various consumer electronic interfaces including USB, DP, TBT and HDMI.

With the continuous improvement of the product speed, the product will face the requirements of upgrading and fast switching. What is the future? How to face the needs of the future to speed up the market-oriented products?

Based on this, Tektronix will cooperate with Anli and GRL to hold 2021 high-speed interface joint testing forums in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing respectively, and sincerely invite relevant chip providers, IP providers and equipment providers to jointly communicate the future high-speed interface development and discuss the challenges faced by high-speed interface testing from the perspective of testing.

Xuyun, senior marketing director of Tech Greater China and Southeast Asia, said in his speech: “I like this theme very much. Not only in this industry, but also in more industries, you will see more and more such a new style, that is, the generation of fuzzy boundaries. These companies are all well-known in the testing and measurement industry. In the early years, several giant companies rarely sat together to break a barrier and establish cooperative relations. Today, we set up such a cooperative mechanism from a different point of view to Chinese high-speed interface practitioners provide more information and long-term continuous interaction, making a contribution to the industry and bringing our voice to the global standards organization. “

Zhang Xin, technical director of Tech China, said at the opening ceremony of Beijing station, “In the post epidemic era, China has done the best in terms of technology leadership and national policy guidance. China has pointed out many major directions in 5g, artificial intelligence, big data, new energy vehicles, etc. its purpose is to hope that the industry can produce more applications based on the latest technologies and solutions. Many technologies may not survive alone, but the running in between technologies It will produce unexpected results. As a representative of the testing and measurement industry, we hope that we can become an industry catalyst to help you successfully complete some processes on the innovation road. “

Data centers, server manufacturers, chip manufacturers, integrated circuit manufacturers, design manufacturers and other relevant enterprises will be invited to participate in this meeting. At the same time, PCIe and USB consistency test systems will be built on site.

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