In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet and Internet of things, people pay more and more attention to display devices as an important interface of human-computer interaction. Display is everywhere, and touch control will be our normal life in the future. In the future, with the further development of 5g, artificial intelligence, driverless, AR / VR, biometrics, big data and other new technologies, commercial display, vehicle and new retail will become the three major application markets of touch screen.

1、 Commercial display. According to the statistics of Ovi cloud, it is predicted that in 2018, the overall market of China’s commercial display will reach 58.88 billion yuan. In the future, brand competition will be fierce, products will be innovated, technology will be innovated, and new demands of market segments will emerge. The future development of China’s commercial display market is still very active. New products, new demands and new markets will help the future development of the commercial display market!

In the future commercial display market, commercial TV will be intelligent, the competition of large screen splicing products will be intensified, the integration of advertising machines will be new retail trend, and the emerging market of electronic whiteboard will be large-scale. Commercial display every few years will emerge a “high increment” dark horse products. In the past five years, liquid crystal educational display and small spacing led have successively served as the “leader” of doubling growth.

In 2017, the Ministry of education specially emphasized the requirements of equipment interoperability, interconnection, interoperation and content sharing under the condition of intelligence and informatization. This is actually the emphasis on “industry standardization” of software development. The requirements of horizontal compatibility, vertical compatibility and backward compatibility make the touch of interactive display interface more humanized, and people’s operating habits and touch are simple and fast Highlighted, this needs big data analysis.

In the context of intelligent, digital and big data industry development, the total social demand for large screen display, especially high-end visual large screen, continues to grow; in the digital sign market, sensors, interaction, display and cloud support constitute an organic application system. In the future, e-government, tourism, facility management and medical treatment are all one of the application scenarios of commercial display.

Commercial display is market-oriented. The device is not only a display terminal, but also an integrated intelligent terminal carrying computer technology, sensor technology, touch technology, human-computer interaction technology and other new technologies. It is increasingly showing broad development prospects and huge market opportunities.

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2、 Vehicle field. With the maturity and improvement of intelligent automobile application technology, the rigid demand of on-board human-computer interface will further enhance the demand of display touch panel. With the development of driverless technology, 5g mobile network and other new technologies, great changes have taken place in the demand of intelligent vehicles for on-board display.

At present, China is the largest automobile market in the world. The number of cars purchased each year is 24-30 million. Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, revealed that the government has launched relevant studies to formulate a timetable for stopping the production and sale of traditional energy vehicles. China’s industrial sector predicts that by 2025, China’s total auto sales will reach 35 million, with new energy vehicles accounting for at least one fifth of the total sales. And claimed that by 2040, the car will be fully electric.

At present, vehicle display screen can be divided into four categories: cluster (used to display various information), HUD (head up display), CID (center information display), RSE (rear seat display) Entertainment, which is configured behind the front headrest); the first three are front mounted on-board displays, and the latter is a kind of rear mounted on-board display screen.

In the future, the layout of intelligent automobile human-machine interface will be more humanized. The center control display and rear seat entertainment display are mainly configured with touch interaction. The center control display (CID) has not changed much in the application of audio, navigator, air conditioning control and other information display, but the appearance and touch operation will be more humanized in the future. JDI, sharp, group innovation, Youda, LGD and BOE are competing for this piece of vehicle display market very fiercely.

Vehicle to vehicle information exchange also reflects the broad application prospects of future vehicles in the field of intelligent technology. Therefore, the world-famous end vehicle enterprises including BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, GM, Ford, Toyota and Honda have now formulated the future electric strategy; while Tesla, the explorer of pure electric vehicles, and domestic automobile manufacturers such as BYD, BAIC, Chery, Geely, Lifan and Chang’an have launched their efforts in the field of intelligent technology.

Although the application of on-board central control screen and rear seat entertainment display screen is single, there is a large demand for application scenarios and panels. In addition to cars, aircraft, high-speed rail, public cars, taxis and so on are all application scenarios of display panels, with huge demand and broad market prospects.

3、 New retail. 5g, Internet of things and artificial intelligence give rise to new retail products, which will give a broader market for medium and large screen touch display technology products. It is estimated that the sales volume of medium and large screen touch display technology products will approach 12 billion US dollars by 2019.

In the past decade, Internet and high-tech platform giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Tencent, apple, Ali and Xiaomi have risen rapidly. At the same time, with the rapid development of the Internet and high technology, these enterprises use abundant capital and advanced operation mode to cross-border into traditional industries, which has brought profound and even subversive impact on traditional industries.

According to the financial reports of 127 domestic listed retail enterprises from, in the first half of 2018, the revenue growth of listed retail enterprises was as high as 21.63%, but if 15 leading enterprises such as Ali, Jingdong, Suning and Yonghui were excluded, the growth rate of the remaining enterprises was only 1.75%. This is enough to show that 2018 is still a year of new retail boom. Internet giants use big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new technologies to continuously integrate with the retail industry, and also open up a broad market space for the application of display touch terminals.

For example, the new retail store opened by Nike in Shanghai, with the help of Nike store athletes, can enter the experience by scanning the code to verify the membership of nikeplus.

The experience game is mainly divided into three parts: touchdown jump, one two one and two-point turn back run. The combination of interactive pictures and stereo sound effects is quite popular in one round. In this process, the new technology will analyze your running situation, so that you can better understand your sports needs and select the suitable sports shoes. This kind of behavior of selling in the game is very popular with consumers.

Internet of things Things (IOT) is an important part of the new generation of information technology. In the process of digital transformation, IOT can help enterprises connect the physical world with the digital world, and form a cycle of digital world, perceiving the physical world and then controlling the physical world. Artificial intelligence (AI) can make such a cycle more automatic and efficient, so that the physical world and the digital world are truly integrated. IOT and AI will become the “Zhilian” genes in the nervous system of digital enterprises. For example, unmanned retail stores combine various display interfaces such as electronic tags and settlement systems with intelligent terminals, in which touch plays an important role.

In recent years, human-computer interaction is the common pursuit of the industry. Touch display terminal is not only output, but also input. Digital tag is not only the execution end of instruction, but also the data acquisition end. The future digital signs will be o2o fulcrum and cloud management and control service system. Through the Internet access and perception of the Internet of things, to collect and analyze user behavior, so as to achieve precision marketing and other business models. This also reflects the value change of the industry, from hardware profit to operation profit.

Specific interactive technologies, such as eyeball, touch, somatosensory, face, gesture recognition, have made great progress, and began to be applied to new retail. In the future, display technology will be everywhere, and the interactive touch interface will also be within the reach of life.


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