The “electronic information industry competition” in the Hubei division of the Sixth China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition was held in Han on the 18th. Lei Ming, an entrepreneur who is sensitive to smell, brought an “electronic nose” – a chip gas sensor that can recognize smell, which attracted the attention of many people on the scene.

Lei Ming is the founder of Wuhan micro nano Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. he introduced that the chip gas sensor that can identify the odor is a small assistant for monitoring various gas pollution, and can be applied to industrial waste gas monitoring, medical treatment, sports health and other fields.

Lei Ming introduced that people who go out for sports can know the air quality value of the corresponding area in time by wearing a bracelet equipped with a chip gas sensor, so as to select the best place for sports. However, if a chip gas sensor is installed in the refrigerator, the refrigerator can tell consumers whether the food can be used safely through the smell of the food. “The ‘MEMS chip gas sensor’ developed by the company is just like a fire alarm, which can inform users of various potential gas pollution hazards and help them avoid risks.”.

Lei Ming said that traditional gas sensors tend to be large in size, high in power consumption and limited in sensitivity, which greatly limits the civilian development of gas sensors and are mostly used in industrial fields. Compared with traditional products, the volume and power consumption of sensors developed by micro nano company are reduced by 98% and 99% respectively, which makes it possible for gas sensors to enter thousands of households. More importantly, in the past, relevant domestic markets were dominated by foreign manufacturers. The product launched this time is the first chip gas sensor launched by domestic manufacturers. Three patents have been applied for. The technology is at the domestic leading level. The monopoly of foreign products on the domestic market is expected to be broken.

It is understood that this competition has attracted nearly 30 electronic information enterprises from Wuhan and surrounding cities to actively participate. The products of Wuhan entrepreneurs account for more than 90% of the total. The industry covers a wide range, including smart home, LED large screen technology, automobile safety and other fields. The categories of Wuhan’s electronic information industry are becoming more and more diversified. At present, Wuhan has gathered more than 700 electronic information enterprises, and has formed a complete industrial chain integrating R & D, production and sales.

The China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition is the highest standard innovation and entrepreneurship competition in China jointly organized by the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of Finance and the all China Federation of industry and commerce. It has been held six times so far, providing a display platform for outstanding projects emerging from all walks of life.

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