The main areas of biometric products in the domestic market are: enterprise management, security, real estate, finance and government agencies. In these areas, finance is a relatively prosperous industry, but the situation in the next year or two is unpredictable. In other aspects, we should be cautious and optimistic about the next year or two. What is the development prospect of biometric technology market?

Although from a macro perspective, the annual sales of the domestic biometric industry is only 2.3 billion, and it seems that there is always room for survival, from a micro perspective of enterprises, market shrinkage or even slow growth may be a fatal blow. This has a decisive effect on the internal factors such as the comprehensive strength and management level of enterprises and the external factors such as the status of industrial value chain. Therefore, in the past two years, the development of the whole industry will continue to show low growth, which is in line with the macro-economic trend.

Technology reflects the core competitiveness of an industry, but in the past two years, there has been no breakthrough development and innovation in the whole core biometric technology. Since last year, face recognition has become a hot spot in the market. This is only the result of the gradual maturity of technologies and applications and the gradual decline of hardware costs in recent years, rather than the market explosion brought about by technological breakthroughs. Speech recognition technology is also gradually improving and developing, and is expected to become another application hotspot in the future. Of course, due to the maturity of technology and the historical inertia of application, fingerprint recognition and face recognition will continue to be the most popular and largest biometric applications. Iris recognition, speech recognition and other recognition technologies will follow and occupy a considerable market share.

We should look at the product form of biometric technology rationally. Security applications will gradually return to the mainstream of biometric applications. Applications such as public security, national security, enterprise and organization security, information and system security, family property security and personal privacy protection will occupy the dominant position of biometric applications. Other application areas will only be complementary and auxiliary to the mainstream.

Although biometric technology has been widely used in China, intensive cultivation of market segments is far from enough. Fine custom applications (narrow applications) that can be replicated and promoted in a large number of market segments are very rare, resulting in attendance and access control applications occupying the mainstream of applications for many years. However, with the development of friends in the market, this situation may gradually change in the future.

In terms of enterprise development, new investment enterprises have been involved in the biometric industry in recent years, but the main role of the industry has not changed much, and the competition situation is basically fixed. Of course, with the further development and improvement of the industry, new technologies, new products and their combination with new capital may become more frequent in the past year or two. We will wait and see whether the pace of industry restructuring will accelerate.

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