On the afternoon of August 26, the TCL Mini LED strategy conference was held in Shenzhen. Focusing on the theme of “seeing, more foresight”, Zhang Shaoyong, vice president of TCL Industry and CEO of TCL Electronics, released the TCL Mini LED strategy and super-large screen strategy. The press conference was not long, but the amount of information was huge, and the live broadcast room was crowded with enthusiastic T fans!

In the strategy release, general manager Zhang Shaoyong mentioned several “small goals”: one is that TCL smart screens will become the world’s first in the next 3-5 years, which is based on the contrarian growth of TCL TVs in 2020, with annual sales of 33.5 million units , ranking second in the world.

The other two goals revolve around the Mini LED strategy and the super-large screen strategy. Zhang Shaoyong introduced that Mini LED is the core strategy for TCL to reach the world’s first in the future. Mini LED appeared as the protagonist of the conference, and its technical features were also made public during the conference.

The principle of Mini LED is Mini LED backlight, which consists of tens of thousands of independent LED lamp beads. By controlling these micron-level LED lamp beads, precise control of the brightness and color of each area can be achieved. Mini LEDs have a longer lifespan and achieve higher and more precise brightness control.

Under the trend of large screen, Mini LED has better display effect than OLED, and is a better choice for 65-100-inch large screen. As the mainstream of high-quality display technology in the future, TCL Mini LED’s strategic goal is: the penetration rate of Mini LED in TCL’s large-size sales in the next three years will exceed 60%.

At the press conference, TCL’s core scientific research team appeared. They are the R&D team standing at the forefront of the Mini LED industry. Under this strong technical support and development trend, TCL has firmly established the core track of Mini LED. In fact, TCL is the first enterprise to deploy Mini LED, and now it is the enterprise that has completed the vertical integration of the Mini LED industry chain in China. At present, TCL Mini LED has formed a matrix layout of 3 series, 4 sizes, 7 product lines and 18 products. TCL is quite strong in the core technology mastery and sustainable development of Mini LED.

In the field of TV, “picture quality” and “big” are the innovative tracks of TCL’s key layout, that is, Mini LED + super large screen. According to reports, in 2021, China’s color TV industry has entered the era of screens above 70 inches. In July this year, TCL’s online and offline sales of large-screen TVs from 82 inches to 98 inches achieved a comprehensive surge. The goal of the super-large screen strategy is to have at least 3 super-large screens for every 10 TCL smart screens sold in the next three years. With the better picture quality and longer service life of Mini LED, this goal should be easily achieved.

The press conference introduced the TCL 98″ IMAX giant screen smart screen X9C, which integrates Mini LED technology and large screen features, and jointly created a new family social proposition of “living room 98” with Italian professional home furnishing brand Boloni. TCL 98′ ‘ The IMAX giant screen X9C is a frameless giant screen, with a smooth and clear overall picture and immersive flowing sound effects. With the movie viewing experience in a private theater as its selling point, it can bring gamers and audio-visual enthusiasts an excellent experience.

Boloni has a keen sense of home fashion. It chose TCL as a smart home appliance partner, which shows that the giant screen smart screen has good development potential in the market. After all, TCL giant screen smart screen claims to create a “longing for nightlife” in the living room, as well as the experience of watching the starry sky in the living room, this attraction has been full marks!

TCL has been developing for 40 years, leading the world as “intelligent manufacturing in China”, and it has to admire the company’s foresight and steadfastness. TCL’s ability to become a big country brand recognized by the public lies in the fact that it can meet the needs of consumers and at the same time lead the technological development of the color TV industry. We expect TCL to continue to bring more innovations and become the first in the world.



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