Juge Technology has been engaged in the research and development of precise temperature measurement thermal imaging cameras for more than ten years, helping researchers in various fields to engage in cutting-edge scientific research. The following lists some papers on cell targeting research in the field of life sciences.

13. Near-infrared light-mediated photodynamic/photothermal therapy nanoplatform by the assembly of Fe3O4 carbon dots with graphiTIc black phosphorus quantum dots,2018年发表于InternaTIonal Journal of Nanomedicine

In this study, a simple, mild, and reliable method was used to successfully prepare a multifunctional therapeutic agent based on novel photosensitizers/platinum agents (BPQDs) and targeting Fe3O4 cadmium agents with high biocompatibility and showed excellent tumor Inhibitory effect. To monitor temperature changes at tumor sites during irradiaTIon, IR thermal images were observed using a PTT monitoring system (MG33; Magnity Electronics, Shanghai, China) .


14. NIR light-triggered gelling in situ of porous silicon nanoparTIcles/PEGDA hybrid hydrogels for localized combinatorial therapy of cancer cells,2018年10月发表于JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE

In this study, multifunctional PSiNPs/PEGDA nanocomposite hydrogels with strong fluorescence, good biodegradability, significant photothermal effect, and efficient slow-release were prepared, which were effective for the survival, adhesion and stability of cancer cells in vitro. Migration provides significant local inhibition. The ΔT–T curves of PSINP/PEGDA hydrogels under different conditions were observed using an infrared thermal imager of Juge Technology: the temperature elevation and thermal imaging of these samples was measured by thermal monitoring system MAG33 (Shanghai Magnity Electronics Co. Ltd.) .


15. Preparation of injectable hydrogel with near-infrared light response and photo-controlled drug release,2020年发表于Bioresources and Bioprocessing

This study designed a photo-controlled drug release system for disulfide-crosslinked polyaspartic acid (PASP-SS) hydrogels to release entrapped drugs temporally and spatially on demand under the stimulation of an external light source The ability to improve drug utilization, optimize treatment, and reduce toxicity and side effects. To study the variation of solution temperature with time under the condition of different power densities of light/different PtNPs content using an infrared camera of Magnity Technology: Temperatures were recorded using an infrared camera (Magnity Electronics, China) to evaluate the photothermal efect of PtNPs -ProK.


16. Preparation and in vitro evaluation of doxorubicin loaded alendronate modified hollow gold nanoparticles for bone-targeted chemo-photothermal therapy,2020年发表于Materials Express

This study designs a bone-targeting nanocarrier with photothermal effect to realize chemophotothermal therapy (CPT), enabling the targeting of bone tumors with minimal use of photothermal agents and chemical drugs. The temperature was recorded every other minute by infrared thermal imager (Magnity Electronics, China).


17. TCPP-Isoliensinine Nanoparticles for Mild-Temperature Photothermal Therapy,发表于International Journal of Nanomedicine

This study designed a novel TCPP-Iso composite nanoparticle for synergistic treatment of breast cancer, which can effectively inhibit cancer cell activity and minimize thermal damage to surrounding healthy tissue. The study used a giant technology infrared thermal imager to observe the temperature changes of TCPP-Iso composite NPs with different concentrations under 650 nm laser irradiation: The evolution of temperatures was recorded by using infrared thermal camera (Magnity Electronics, China).


18. Unexpected high photothemal conversion efficiency of gold nanospheres upon grafting with two-photon luminescent ruthenium(II) complexes: A way towards cancer therapy,2015年发表于Biomaterials,ELSEVIER

In this study, the development of ruthenium(II) polypyridine complexes can significantly improve the two-photon luminescence (PTL) intensity and photothermal therapy (PTT) efficiency of gold nanospheres, which were successfully used for real-time fluorescence imaging-guided PTT of live cancer cells. The research uses the infrared thermal imager of Juge Technology to observe the light-induced temperature change in the nanoparticle solution under the irradiation of 808nm laser. Light-induced temperature change in the solutions was collected by using a thermal camera (MAG30, Magnity Electronics, Thermal Imaging Expert).


The above are some of the cell-targeted research work carried out in the field of life sciences using Juge Technology's thermal imaging cameras. Juge Technology is committed to providing scientific-grade accurate temperature measurement thermal imaging cameras for cutting-edge scientific research fields, helping researchers to achieve first-class scientific research results. Welcome to contact us for consultation.

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