According to foreign media reports, many people are still using bad passwords, which is a huge security risk. Obviously, product companies are also wrong in this matter, because they use easily guessed default user names and passwords in their devices – and hackers know this well.

As a network attack mode detection method, researchers from the security company F-Secure have set up a series of “honeypot” bait servers all over the world. Some of the most popular passwords hackers tried to use appeared in many of the worst password lists, such as “12345” and “password”, but “admin” proved to be the most popular.

Another password many hackers try to use is “vivx”, which is the default password of DVR of Dahua Company in China. The other two passwords on the list are “1001chin” and“ [email protected] ”It is also the factory default password of other embedded devices, including routers.

There is a high security risk in the factory password of Al t4518523336508416 equipment, and the user needs to change it in time

It is revealed that 99.9% of honeypot traffic comes from robots, malware and other tools. These attacks can come from any networked device, from traditional PCs to smart watches and even IOT toothbrushes. Most of the attacks came from the United States, while the most popular destination was Ukraine, followed by China, Austria and the United States. It is worth noting that many attackers will attack through agents in other countries. Of course, the purpose of doing so is to avoid authentication, so the accuracy of this form remains to be discussed.

When it comes to the most attacked TCP port, SMB port 445 is the most popular, with 526 million hits, indicating that attackers are still keen to use SMB worms and attacks such as spoofing robots. Telnet ranked second with 523 million hits, indicating that attacks on IOT devices are still very common.

In addition, the report also reminds consumers to change the default password and factory settings of the device and comply with standard security precautions, such as timely updating firmware and patches. Also, don’t use bad passwords.


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