As an important engine to achieve high-quality economic development and create future competitive advantage, 5g is one of the key cornerstones of digital transformation and the commanding height of the next round of scientific and technological revolution. Since the 5g license was officially issued in June 2019, China’s 5g network construction and industry applications have begun to take shape. 5g business has been accelerated in an all-round way, and “new infrastructure” has opened a new window to speed up 5g construction.

At the same time, the international competition around 5g technology and industry is becoming increasingly fierce. 5g core device design, material preparation and processing technology are still “stuck” at present, which seriously threatens the safety of the industrial supply chain. It is urgent to cooperate with all sectors of the industrial chain to solve the problem quickly.


China 5g core component innovation and development forum and 2020 Huixin (China) Industrial Technology Development Forum will be jointly held by Guangdong future communication high end device innovation center, China Mobile, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute and China Tel laboratory during the 2020 Expo, with the theme of “how to establish the next generation RF device technology and industrial standard system”, Gather upstream and downstream enterprises, industry experts and industry user representatives, deeply discuss the technological innovation and application of future mobile communication medium and high frequency devices and materials, focus on industrial resources, and release the white paper of mobile communication medium and high frequency devices industry, which will become the milestone conference of China’s 5g technology and industry in 2020.


Forum Highlights

Celebrities gather

Invite the world’s top experts, including universities, research institutes, industry leaders and other professionals, to provide a clear technical direction for the future development of high-end communication device industry.

Industry white paper released

The “white paper on medium and high frequency devices industry in mobile communications” was released, covering 5g and high-end devices used at all levels of future communication network, and gradually establishing the technical standard system of future related industries.

Joint laboratory established

The signing ceremony of joint laboratory with domestic well-known university innovation platform was held to promote the rapid commercialization of university research results.

Construction of public service platform

The signing ceremony of joint test service platform of China Tel laboratory and 5g industry technology alliance was held to jointly promote the construction of public service platform of communication industry.



Guangdong future communication high end device innovation center

(former Guangdong 5g medium and high frequency device innovation center)

China Mobile

China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute

China Tel Laboratory



5g industry technology alliance

Shenzhen Huixin Communication Technology Co., Ltd

CLP exhibition and Information Communication Co., Ltd


Co Organizer

Xinzhixun Culture Communication Co., Ltd

Forum agenda

time Activity content spokesman
13:30-14:00 Sign in
14:00-14:05 The host opens with an introduction of the leaders and guests present host
14:05-14:20 Leader’s speech Government leadership
14:20-14:50 Keynote address academician
14:50-15:05 Signing ceremony
15:05-15:40 White paper on high frequency device industry in mobile communications released Wang Shijiang, director of integrated circuit Institute of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute
15:40-15:50 rest
15:50-16:10 Keynote speech: promote the construction of test technology sharing platform and help the development of industry An Shaogeng, deputy director of EMC Department of Taier system laboratory, China Academy of information technology
16:10-16:35 Keynote speech: strengthen core chip research and promote 5g industry chain security China Mobile Communication Research Institute
16:35-16:55 Keynote speech: international intellectual property operation helps the development of China’s 5g industry Wenming, vice president of Wisteria intellectual property group
16:55-18:00 Industry excellent product release one Portable satellite intelligent terminal Li Bo, general manager of system products business department of Shenzhen jinxinnuo Hi Tech Co., Ltd
two 10Gbps point to point ODU transmission system Yao Kui, deputy general manager of sales of shengweilun (Shenzhen) communication technology Co., Ltd
three Ksw-wns02 wireless channel simulator Huang Yonggang, deputy general manager of Chengdu kunhengshunwei Technology Co., Ltd
four “Hongyan” femid transmitter module chip Jia Ru, marketing manager of Kaiyuan communication technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd


Participation information

Meeting time

14:00-18:00 PM, August 14, 2020


Meihua hall, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Fuhua 3rd road, Futian District, Shenzhen

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