Characteristics of vivax

1. The uvar light produced by the system greatly filters out some infrared and far-infrared light waves which are easy to cause skin burning sensation, and finally passes through 560-1400nm light waves which are positive for treatment.

Therapeutic principle and characteristics of verapamil

2. Reticular erythema was occasionally seen on the epidermis during the treatment, which would disappear after 3 days.

3. The power of the light source determines the penetration concentration. The light power of vivar is 750W and the penetration is 7 ~ 10cm, which can be described as a kind of deep treatment.

4. Because of the high power, the machine will enter the treatment state without waiting for a long time.

5. The light wave contains some visible light and most infrared light. The light emitted during irradiation is like “rainbow light”.

6. It is necessary to protect the eyes and avoid strong light stimulation during treatment, and to ensure a reasonable irradiation distance to avoid scalding.

Therapeutic principle of verapamil

Under the premise of energy conservation, vivar light transforms the energy carried by it into bioenergy sensitive to different tissues of human body and can be used when it penetrates the human body, which produces the following physiological effects:

1. The mitochondrial oxygenation was enhanced, and the circulation of trisorbate was enhanced;

2. Catalase and superoxide dismutase were enhanced;

3. Cell regeneration increased, albumin and immunoglobulin synthesis increased;

4. Macrophage phagocytosis and interleukin release were enhanced;

5. ATP synthesis and decomposition increased in both directions;

6. Basophil inflammatory factors decreased;

7. Antigen expression decreased;

8. Inflammation spillover was reduced;

9. The amount of serotonin decreased;

10. Sympathetic suppression;

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