The latest research report released by strategy analytics points out that the year-on-year growth rate of mobile computing demand in 2020 is in the double digits. In the past 2020, tablet computer suppliers have provided consumers with a variety of choices to support them to study and work at home. Especially for consumers with tight budgets, tablets are considered to be a reliable mobile alternative to laptops. We are full of expectations for 2021. The state of people working and studying at home may change again. Can tablets continue to play an important role?

Eric Smith, director of interconnected computing services at strategy analytics, said: “With the gradual relaxation of the restrictions of the COVID-19, the new normal will begin to appear in 2021. We believe that working and studying from home will be favored by workers, students, companies and educational institutions. How tablet computer suppliers choose to solve this urgent demand for mobile productivity will depend on their unique advantages and disadvantages. However, it is clear that they must work harder to obtain benefits in this competitive environment. In the future, tablet computer suppliers will There is still the possibility that computers will be overtaken by laptops or smartphones. “

Chirag Upadhyay, industry analyst at strategy analytics, added: “Apple’s iPad performed well in the Christmas season, meeting the needs of consumers, businesses and education, and its shipment increased by 37% year-on-year. Because Android tablet computers have more cost advantages than iPad, several major Android tablet computer suppliers have performed well or even better in terms of annual growth. Amazon’s price is low, its value for money, and usually performs well in the Christmas season. Samsung and Lenovo have performed very strongly, thanks to their extensive Our product portfolio, the latest products, and innovation in meeting consumer entertainment and productivity needs. “

The year-on-year growth rate of mobile computing demand in 2020 is in the double digits, and the new normal will begin to appear in 2021

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