On January 17, tritium (tritium), an Australian electric vehicle fast charging technology, recently launched the so-called world’s most powerful electric vehicle charger on the automotive world Japan, which is called veefil PK DC high-power charging (HPC) system. Charging for 10 minutes can increase the range of electric vehicles by 350 kilometers (or 220 miles).

It is learned that veefil PK system is the most flexible ultrafast charger in the world. It has the smallest physical size in the world and can provide the most extensive choice for the design of charging places. It is also the most widely deployed high-performance computing system in Europe and Australia, serving drivers on the world’s largest high-power charging network. In addition, each charger is remotely connected to the company’s global support network.

The charging time of battery vehicles is long, resulting in slow charging efficiency. Veefil PK system meets the needs of the Japanese market and increases the use of ultra fast charging options to meet the needs of electric vehicles with higher power chargers.

Veefil PK can increase the functional range of any electric vehicle charger, and its liquid cooling technology can ensure reliability in extreme high temperature and extreme cold climate. Each charger can be supported around the clock and is equipped with advanced 4g-lte technology. Its unique human-machine interface (HMI) is aesthetically progressiveness and easy to operate, ensuring that the charger can be used from the moment the power is turned on.

In addition, veefil PK electric vehicle charger has been installed all over Australia. The deployment in Europe has also been very successful. It has been installed on 220 sites as part of the ionity network, a joint venture between Daimler, Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche and Hyundai.

The Australian company has installed more than 4000 DC chargers in 32 countries and regions around the world. With the increasing demand for charging places and the birth of high-end electric vehicles with more models, the Japanese electric vehicle market will usher in greater glory.

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